Offerings: picture by David O.


Why do we give offerings and what are they?

Offerings are small gifts we present to the Gods. They can be many things from candles to wine. You can even offer up your time to a good cause for a deity. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter, for example. More often I offer candles and incense up as offerings. I take a candle and hold it up and say something like: “Here is a candle, please take this offering as thanks for ______”.

Then I light the candle and place it on my alter to burn down completely. Never extinguish a candle once you have lit it for an offering to the Gods. This is considered taking back the gift and is insulting to the deity. Always let it burn down completely down and out on a safe heat proof surface.

You can also do this process with incense and other herbs. Burn incense and or herbs to the Deity you want to honor. Besides burning candles, incense and herbs you can pour a libation (a liquid offering) out onto the earth. You can use anything: wine, juice and blessed water.

Why do we present offerings to the Gods? We say thank you for the Gods help on things we have asked for. After a spell is successful, we will make an offering to say thank you for their help.

Some Popular Offerings:

  • candles
  • incense
  • wine
  • herbs
  • seeds
  • ground corn
  • hand made objects
  • fruit
  • milk
  • bread (cakes)
  • time (volunteering at an organization)
  • crystals
  • coins
  • donations of clothes or other things to a shelter (animal or human)

So say thank you to the Gods.

They help us every day.


Moonwater SilverClaw

12 thoughts on “Offerings

  1. But if you leave something like a small object or handmade trinket what do you do with it? Hang on to it forever???


    • Jennifer,
      That is a very good questions. Thank you for asking it. If you have a small object or trinket you take it to a tree. Ask the tree to watch over it. Once the tree agrees you then offer it to the Gods, afterwards burying it at the base of the tree. (This is best when it is your own private property.) Be sure to bury it deep enough so that it will not be disturbed. You can also leave a gift to the tree in thank.



  2. @how do you give food offerings do you bury it as well or leave it out I’m sorry for such a basic question but I want to know


    • Alice,
      Your question is a good one. With food offerings you just place them outside. It’s best left out in a wild area, but a backyard works just fine. Thanks for your question.



  3. It would be nice to keep in mind the piece of earth you are placing something. A true offering is NOT for the person giving it. If you choose to “gift” something and bury it under a tree perhaps the gift could be something biodegradable or something that will nourish the tree (like comfrey) instead of a piece of glass or plastic that means something only to us.


  4. We offer a gift because it puts truth to your intention. Words are just intentions they do not become truth until an action is put to them. Prayers are for thanks. Most people pray to ask for something but prayers are for giving thanks. Spells are for asking.


    • Stephanie,
      You can leave the food for the Gods on your altar as long as you wish, but then “leave them” outside. Never discard them in the trash! They are the Gods gifts now.

      Thank you Stephanie for your question.



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