How Witches Deal with Not Finding a Coven or Mentor at this Moment

Have you lost hope of getting a mentor or finding a coven to join? When I was starting my journey with witchcraft, I couldn’t find a coven or a teacher. I felt a loss of hope.

Here are three insights from my journey that may help you.

  • Start as a Solitary Witch

Start as a solitary witch and dedicate yourself to the Gods. That’s what I did.

I didn’t know where to start so I went into a bookstore and asked about the topic Wicca. (Now, we can go to Amazon. To be helpful, I’ve written 9 books)

I studied over a period of years. When I felt I was ready, I did a meditation. And the Gods made Their Presence known to me.

  • Talk with the Gods

During my meditation, I talked with the God and the Goddess and told Them my plight.

“When you are ready, the teacher will appear,” They replied.

This bothered me because I felt I was ready. However, with that response, I proved I wasn’t.

The Gods are wise, and I respect Their timing.

So, I continued practicing. I continued doing my own rituals, prayers, and chants.

The Gods have Their reasons. The Gods have more information than we do. Because of this, They know what is ahead on our paths before we do. They know what is in our best interest.

  • Keep Looking for Possibilities

Years later after that meditation session of asking the Gods for a mentor, I found one.

I moved to a new neighborhood, and there was my mentor. Soon, I was accepted into a coven.

In a coven and with a mentor, I discovered so much that was new to me.

Here is the truth: So much of the Craft is not written in books. The things one learns person-to-person are, to a great extent, oath-bound. That means that one is guided to leave such material out of books.

True dedication to the Craft is a life path. You grow into it. With a mentor and a coven, I learned the secrets of the Craft. Many times, I had experiences that were true revelations to me. And my practice grew!

Perhaps, the Gods wanted me to grow into the person who would truly understand and appreciate the secrets of the Craft. These secrets have a certain element of power connected to them. They must be shared with wise, dedicated people.

My years of solitary practice demonstrated my dedication and devotion.

So, keep practicing and show the God and the Goddess that you are serious, dedicated, and devoted.

May these insights support you on your journey.

Blessed Be,

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