Happy Samhain 2016


Happy Samhain!

Many Wiccans say that Samhain is their favorite holiday. It’s the start of the Wiccan New Year. We have the chance to be reunited with departed loved ones because the Veil between the worlds is at its thinnest at this time. We invite our deceased loved ones into our circles and celebrate the New Year with them. Dressing in costume is a total bonus!

This is a time when we can let down our witches’ locks and enjoy precious moments with family and friends. We play games and revel in much feasting and festivities.

You can celebrate Samhain with one or more of the following:

  • A “Dumb Supper”

The use of the word “dumb” is based on a traditional definition referring to “unable to speak.” No one speaks during this meal. The deceased are invited to this meal, and they do not speak, either. A place is set for the deceased at the table. During this meal, you may often have the thought of deceased loved one pop into your mind. Some people even report smelling perfume that a departed loved one used to wear.

  • Divination

Divination is really popular on and around Samhain. I truly enjoy doing a reading for the coming year.

Here’s the process: Go through your tarot deck and pull out the major arcana (cards) from the rest of the deck. Shuffle these particular cards. Keep shuffling the cards until you feel good that they’re appropriated mixed.

Place the cards face down and then fan them out. Pass your hand above the cards, reach out with your feelings. Pick up a card that “calls to you.” Place this card face up on the table to your left. Then continue picking cards and put them down in sequence—left to right. Continue doing this process until you have all of the cards face up on the table.

Each card from the first to the last represents the coming year. You’re viewing all of the full moons and Sabbats in order of occurrence during the year.

Consider viewing your favorite Wiccan calendar. Basically, compare the cards to the full moons and Sabbats that you see in the calendar. The first card goes with the first moon and so on. Read the card, and you will know what is foretold for that day. There will be one last card and that represents the whole year . 

  • A Remembrance Party

During this form of party, you gather with friends and family to remember the good times that occurred with departed loved ones. (By the way, this works well when combined with the dumb supper.) Make an ancestor altar by placing pictures of departed loved ones and/or items belonging to them. Additionally, remember to honor your pets that have passed away.

I hope you have a blessed Samhain.

Blessed Be,

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Happy Wiccan New Year!


Happy Wiccan New Year

Merry Meet and Welcome,


Happy New Year


Why do witches celebrate Samhain as the New Year? And, have you ever wondered why the witches’ New Year is on November 1st, but we start to celebrate on the night before? The Celts remain the source of these traditions.

Wiccans, as well as the Celts, see death as both an end and a beginning. It’s part of the cycle of life. At Samhain, the vegetation god willingly sacrifices himself; and with his death the old year dies, too. The New Year begins at the time of the old year’s death.

In the old days, the people saw the vegetation god in the cycle of the growing plants. The growing cycle consists of sowing seeds, letting crops grow, and finishing with the last harvest and related festival, Samhain. Since no harvesting was done after Samhain, that meant the next day (November 1st) was the new year.

Why do we start celebrating the day before the actual holiday then?  Because the Celts believed a new day started when the sun set, and not when the sun rose on the next day. So we start celebrating (to us) the night before. In the olden times they would start celebrating at sun down through to sun down the next day. Now that’s some party!


So Happy Wiccan New Year!


Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw