How Goddess Frees You From Weeds in Your Mind


“I’m such a f—ing idiot,” I yelled.

My friend, Sarah, ran into the kitchen, asking, “What happened?”

“I trashed the recipe. This tastes like crap. I’m no good at anything,” I said.

“Who told you that?”

“People,” I replied.

“Which people?”

“Everybody,” I maintained. “My mother’s called my cookies ‘hockey pucks.’”

Now, years later, I realize that I had a bunch of automatic-thoughts. Thoughts that tore me down. Our minds are like a bed of fertile soil, and the ideas we have are like seeds.

Before we go any further, I invite you to realize that Goddess wants you to have good seeds/good thoughts. Why? Goddess wants you to enjoy your life.

I’m not guessing here. I know. During many of my meditations, I felt the real presence of the Goddess—such loving kindness.

It’s important to realize that many people—parents, friends, teachers and the media—plant seeds in our minds. Some seeds are weeds.

We need to take responsibility for the garden in our mind. We need to learn how to weed out the unhealthy thoughts. We learn to encourage the positive thoughts—the roses. Weeding our own bed of soil (our mind) helps us to be healthy and happy.

So how can we do that? Ask this question: Is this thought harming or hindering my happiness? Also ask: Is this thought/belief making me grow in the direction I want? Or is this thought stunting my growth and making me miserable?

Take special care to notice the seeds (thoughts) you plant yourself. In many cases, we’re still operating with thoughts we planted as children. Every child is different as is every adult who grows up (at least physically).

Have you noticed recently how two people can have opposite reactions to the same event?

For example, Janet hates rain storms because she deems them to be gloomy and the cause of her getting wet hair as she runs to her car.

Janet’s best friend Cindy loves the rain because it makes the flowers grow.

Do you see how Janet is planting weeds and Cindy is planting roses?

Here’s a secret: In many cases, we can transform the weeds to roses—that is, we can work to change our perception of a situation. It does take creativity.

Creativity is the area where Wiccans thrive. We Wiccans have tools to use with our creative energies. Cowans (non-magickal folk) only use their brains for creativity (for the most part). On the other hand, Wiccans have spells, chants, meditations and much more to work with.

Here is an example of a chant you can use to transform weed-like thoughts to those that empower you:

Transformation Chant

Poisonous thoughts these weeds of mine,
Keeping me from peace this time.

 Plucking my weeds hither and fro,
Weeding my thoughts like a pro.

 Now peace and happiness I grow,
Lord and Lady make it so!

I invite you to pay attention to the weeds (negative thoughts) you may find in your mind. Weeds rise up without our efforts.

Instead, tend your garden of your mind and blossom into the empowered version of who you really are.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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