The Wiccan’s Way of Protection from Car Accidents

As I stood absolutely still, I held my breath. The technician did an X-ray of my whiplashed neck. I thought, “Why?! Why did I let it come to this?”

I had been rear-ended by a car just a short while before. A sedan car had cut me off. I brought my car to a gradual stop. The car driver behind me should have had ample time to come to a safe stop. But, No! Slam—she rear-ended my car.

Just great.

Here’s something worse. Some months ago, I thought, “I need to do a car blessing.”

Did I do it?


That’s how I ended up placed against this X-ray machine.

So, I’ve written this Car Blessing for you and me to do better in life.

Car Blessing

What you will need:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Lighter or matches
  • Bowl
  • Red candle
  • Sage bundle

Bless the water and salt. Put three pinches of salt into the water. Stir three times clockwise, and this holy water is now ready. Bless the sage bundle by lightly dabbing you fingers in the holy water and then asperge the bundle. Bless the flame of the red candle.

Dip your fingers into the bowl of holy water, asperge the car, and say:

I bless this car with Water and Earth that it remains safe from all harm.

Use the red candle flame to light the sage bundle. Waft the smoke over the car and say:

I bless this car with Air and Fire that it remains safe from all harm. Lord and Lady, may this car and its occupants be safe and free from any harm from outside and inside forces.

So Mote It Be.

May this blessing keep you safe.

Blessed Be,


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Candles and Healing

Hands Focusing Energy

Hands Focusing Energy

Healing Spell

Healing can be done in many ways. You can use herbs, colors, candles and more.

The simplest way to do healing is to light a candle for a sick person. Wiccans use two parts to the process: Dressing the candle and stating the purpose for the use of the candle.

To dress the candle means: The process of putting your desire into the candle. As you clearly envision your wish, rub anointing oil (olive oil will suffice) on the candle. Spread the oil from the top of the candle to the center, and then from the bottom back to the center. Rubbing from each end of the candle to the center draws or attracts a desire to you. If you wish to repel something, for example an illness or bad luck, you would rub from the center out to each end of the candle. This pushes away what you wish to repel.

For the second part, you state the purpose of using the candle. Here is an example:

“I send healing energy to (name of person).”

A quick note on ethics and magick: When doing any spell work for another person you must ask for their consent first. If you do not ask, you may be working against their will. So always ask first.

What you will need.

  • Your altar
  • You need to add a fireproof surface (perhaps, a plate) on top of your altar
  • Your tools
  • Your written script of “words of power” (perhaps, a small prayer or rhyme talking about how the person is now healed)
  • A script to cast your circle
  • One blue candle
  • Dressing oil (you can use plain olive oil if you do not have any)
  • Cakes and wine or juice for the ritual
  • A fireproof container
  • a photo of the sick person

To cast a candle spell:

1)            Cast your circle.

2)            Take the photo of the sick person. Asperge (sprinkle with holy water) and cense (waft incense smoke around) it. Be carful with the photo, I suggest asperging it on the back so the image is not ruined. Also asperge it very lightly.

3)            Take the blue candle and asperge and cense it.

4)            Dress your candle (see the discussion above).

5)            Charge the candle with its task. (Send healing energy into the candle by holding it in your hands and drawing energy up through the earth, through you and into the candle. The process of drawing energy up consists of visualizing energy (you might imagine energy strands) rising from the earth into your feet and so on.

6)            Take the photo and place it on the pentagram on your altar.

7)            Place the candle on the photo. Use the taper to light the candle from the working candle.

8)            Look at the flame of the candle while concentrating on your desire to heal the person. Take your time with this step. This is a great time to chant any words of power (if you have written some). Remember, these words of power could be a small prayer or rhyme talking about how the person is now healed.

9)            Keep focusing that energy into the flame of the candle and into the photo under it. (Focusing energy means keep concentrating on the flame and focus you thoughts on the intention that the person be healed.)

10)        You will be letting the candle burn down completely. Warning: Be sure to place it in a safe place (perhaps, in a bathtub or sink). And make sure you do not burn the photo! Use a fire safe container for the candle to be in. Be sure to avoid leaving a candle unattended. That is, do NOT leave the room while your candle is burning down.

11)        After the spell is finished, do the cakes and wine/juice ritual.

12)        Close your circle.

Doing a healing ritual is empowering for the sick person and it is also an uplifting experience for the practitioner. It feels good to be able to marshal the healing energies of the universe to bless the life of person who needs healing.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw