Wiccans Take Back Yule

 “How do you feel about how the Western world has taken over Yule?” my friend, Susan, asked.

Sometimes, it does bother me to see that other people have taken over the Pagan traditions of the Yule Tree, Yule Log and more.

Then, I think about how we, Wiccans, can claim the Yule Season for our own hearts.

  • What Wiccans Emphasize About Yule

Let’s look at the Yule Tree. Evergreens were seen as proof of everlasting life. Our ancestors saw that evergreen trees were the one source of life that continued to live and stay green throughout the year. Even in the deepest winter. They didn’t die with the rest of the plants during the cold months. They were special.

Our ancestors celebrated this. They and we, modern Pagans, consider the Yule Tree as sacred.

This is why our ancestors brought evergreens into their homes and decorated them with small gifts to the God and Goddess. Candles were placed on the bows of the trees (I do not recommend this due to the fire hazard). This is where Yule trees come from, and yes – Christians have adopted the Yule Tree as their “Christmas tree.”

Still, we, Wiccans, can say to ourselves “Our Yule Tree!”

  • Wiccans Can Support Their Own Spirits Amid the Gift-giving Rush

Have you ever found yourself fretting about getting the “right” gifts for a bunch of people at this time of year? Many Wiccans feel the crush of not having the funds for much gift-giving.

For Pagans, exchanging gifts, at this time, is really about celebration. How?

Think about it. Why do you give gifts in the first place?

The first gifts were exchanged by our ancestors as a means of expressing joy for the Sun God’s return.

Small gifts were hung on the branches of the Yule tree for the God and Goddess. Now, we give gifts between ourselves, too.

You can think “small and meaningful.” Even giving a printed out photo, placed in a frame (from a “dollar store”) can be a good gift.

  • Wiccans Meet with Family and Focus on One’s Chosen Family

An old comment is: “If you think you’re enlightened, just attend a family reunion!”

Do you ever dread going to family reunions?

For Pagans, family reunions can be an extra burden. Many of us, for good reasons, must keep our Pagan path as our own secret.

Many of us fear being outed as a witch/Pagan. We hide our pentacle necklaces and other jewelry to conceal our true selves.

So, what is the solution?

Devote Time with Your Chosen Family

In a few days, I’ll be attending a Yule party with my coven. What a relief! Being with likeminded people can really help with the loneliness/alienation/fear that comes with being around non-pagans. Especially this time of year!

Finding a place where you can share common ground with support can be a life saver. Really!

A significant number of people commit suicide at this time of year.

Instead, having a safe and loving place to share with others of like-mind can stop the loneliness/alienation/fear for a Pagan at this time.

In summary, Yule has always been our time. Smile to yourself and own it.

Blessed Be,


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How Pagans Can Move Beyond Depression and Anxiety during the Holiday Season


“I’m feeling low,” Matilda said.

“I hear you,” I replied. “Something in particular?”

“We’re squeezed from all sides. All the Christmas music, the shopping, the happy couples, the family time. Hey, it was Yule!—before the Christians hijacked our season,” Matilda continued.

Ever feel, as a pagan, that you’re on a small island in the middle of “Christmas-focused people”?

The holidays often create depression and anxiety in Pagans. Seeing all the decorations and good cheer may be nice. Still, we Pagans know that one of our sacred Sabbats was perverted into a consumer holiday.

One holiday season, I was sitting in a knitting group at a yarn shop, when an older woman exclaimed, “What’s all this ‘happy holidays’ crap? It’s Christmas, damn it! It’s always going to be Christmas.”

I felt my hackles rise because I knew full well that in the group were a Jew, me and an Asian with parents from China. Through our diversity, we were already demonstrating that “happy holidays” was a respectful greeting at this time of year.
Why? Because in the USA, we have people of various cultures and traditions.

Long time readers of this blog know that I deal with depression symptoms. It’s true that outside things like all of this tinsel and tyranny of some people pushing their religion on others can exacerbate my depression symptoms.

Getting Past Feeling Depressed

I have learned to focus on the beauty around me and what it means to me. By this I mean, I focus on this present moment. If I see a Yule tree and I enjoy its beauty, then my depression symptoms “quiet down.” Who cares what others call the tree.

Pagans Feeling Anxiety during the Holidays

I have a number of Pagan friends who have to hide their faith from their Christian family and friends. Talk about anxiety! What if the pagan lets something slip like: “Oh, yeah. I had so much fun a Pantheacon”?

Here are some of things I do to lower my anxiety levels.

I have a particular family member who works with some people who are not open to hearing about the pagan path. So I make sure to guard my own energy before an event with that particular group. I prepare to listen and talk about things that this group is comfortable talking about.

Most importantly, I make sure to devote time with like-minded pagans so I feel safe and nurtured—and renewed in energy.

About dealing with the consumerism of the season:

I didn’t participate in Black Friday. I did not run around and attempt to get big bargains. That activity has nothing to do with the true meaning of the holiday Yule, which is about honoring the birth of the God, and the return of the sun.

Pagans and Wiccans know what Yule really means.

I practice being gentle with myself about gift-giving. Sure, you can give close ones gifts. Just go easy about it.

The way to deal with depression and anxiety is to nurture yourself.

Focus on being in the present moment. Find the beauty you cherish and create your own meaning.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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