A Witch’s Real Comfort: The Circle Never Ends


Recently, a friend, Sam, told me about how a mutual friend’s birthday—Mark’s birthday—popped in Sam’s gmail. It was a reminder issued by Google calendar.

The tough part is that Mark has been dead for over six years.
This reminded me of a passage Doreen Valiente wrote:

To think that we will wait another life
To drink the wine from the horns and leap the fire.
Farewell from this world, but not from the Circle.
That place that is between the worlds
Shall hold return in due time. Nothing is lost.
– Excerpt from
Elegy for a Dead Witch by Doreen Valiente

The good news is that this reminded me of our True Self.
The True Self is the divinity that the Gods placed in you.
It’s that part of you that cannot be broken.
The True Self is that part of you that reincarnates over and over again.
The important point is that we need to connect with our True Self and get past the distractions of everyday life.

Here is a prayer:

Remove blinders so my True Self I see
Let distractions like shackles fall from me.
Let shadows back away
Shine Your rays on my day.
So Mote It Be.

May this bless your Path.

Blessed Be,

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What is a Magick Circle?

Stone Circle

Stone Circle

A witches’ magick circle is one we create out of energy. We set up this circle, or “cast a circle,” before any spell or ritual. By the way, we apply the label “a working” to any spell or ritual.

Here are reasons we use a magick circle:

  1. To hold all the energy that we create, we use a circle to contain all the energy we raise within it. Therefore, no energy dissipates before we can use it.
  1. As a sacred space, the circle functions as a temple to worship the gods in.
  1. The circle moves us between the mundane world and the realms of the gods, so that we may communicate with them easier.
  1. The most important thing that a circle does is function as a protection or barrier from unwanted entities that may want to “feed” off the energy we have raised.

When do we raise a circle? For rituals, meditation or handfasting ceremonies (Wiccan marriages). You always close your circle when you are done with it. If you leave it up the energy will eventually become unstable and will become dangerous.

A circle forms our sacred space for doing our workings. We can set up our circle as our temple wherever we find ourselves in the world.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater Silverclaw