Cord or Knot Magick


What if you could do a simple spell that could help you get a job, heal up from an illness or give you prolonged protection on a trip? The answer is knot magick (also known as cord magick). This form of magick working has been used for centuries in everything from weaving carpets to knitting and crocheting.

Better yet, you can simply make one knot to accomplish knot magick. This process requires no obscure objects or substances to acquire. You can do knot magick anywhere and at anytime.

So what do you use for tying the knots?

First, use natural substances because they hold a magickal charge, and synthetics do not. Use cotton, silk or other natural fibers for your knot magick, and this choice will help you succeed.

Use each cord only once. Blending intentions weakens and can even pollute your magick.

How to do knot magick

The first step is to identify specifically what you want to do.

Some examples are:

  • Get a job
  • Heal
  • Arrange protection

Wiccans use knot magic in two ways: the Proactive approach and the Reactive approach.

Proactive means preparing ahead of time. Imagine that it’s two weeks before hurricane season. You go to stores for supplies and for materials to board up your house or business.

On the other hand, Reactive means you rush around during the storm and try to live through it.

Most knot magick is done proactively. You prepare ahead of time so your magick can improve a situation or even prevent trouble.

Historically, sailors asked witches to place the winds into knots so that the sailors would have a remedy if they were stuck in a dead calm. They would untie one of the knots to make the winds blow.

The Steps of Knot Magick

One of the most important things in your magick is will so that you can successfully fuel your spell. What is will? Will means the driving force of desire for some form of change. So I focus on the power of “I will.” This is an important distinction because many people think of willpower as only the ability to avoid temptation.

Secondly, you must believe! If you do not believe, then your magick will falter.

Finally, master Pranic Breathing, also known as belly breathing. If you’re familiar with yoga, you probably know of Pranic Breathing techniques.

In Pranic Breathing, you breathe in deeply extending the stomach, utilizing all of your lung capacity. Visualize pulling up energy from the earth. Through Pranic Breathing, you move energy. Visualize your breath as a greenish-blue mist. This mist will carry your will and your intention into the knot. (This process is also referred to as “the breath of life.”)

Note: Consider visualizing your breath as different colors depending on your intention. For example, focus on the color orange for more confidence for a job interview.

Now, let’s go through the steps in order:

1. Figure out what you need, that is, your intention.

2. Start tying a knot into your cord (do not tighten it yet) and simultaneously, focus your will on your intention.

3. Do Pranic Breathing.

4. Have your desire firmly fixed in your mind. Know it as reality, even for just a moment. At that point, blow your will (in the form of your greenish-blue misty breath) into the knot and tighten it closed.

5. When you have completed the process, engaging in grounding yourself.

You have just completed knot magick.

In knot magick, Wiccans usually work in odd numbers: tying five, seven or nine knots in the cord.

The order in which you tie the knots is also important. Please view the correct order in this image here:


As you tie each knot you recite a line of the following poem. This poem is designed for tying nine knots.


By knot of one, the spell has begun,

By knot of two, my words become true,

By knot of three, it comes to me,

By knot of four, I’ve opened the door,

By knot of five, this spell’s alive,

By knot of six, this spell is fixed,

By knot of seven, there is no question,

By knot of eight, it’s now my fate,

By knot of nine, this thing’s now mine!

So mote it be.



Recently, I used knot magick before I attended a vital meeting. Just knowing that I worked knot magick relieved some of my stress. Of course, I still had to do the mundane work of gathering materials and rehearsing my words for the meeting.

But it’s a relief to know that I have invoked the blessings of the Gods, too.

I invite you to consider knot magick to help your life.



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