How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals or Stones—a Wiccan Perspective

“Why would I want to cleanse and charge my crystals?” my friend, Sandra, asked.

“Because you want to get rid of negative energies. Then you can effectively work with your magickal items,” I replied.

Cleansing and charging your magickal items comprise a simple process.

You use blessed incense and holy water.

Cleanse and Charge a Crystal or Stone

What you will need:

  • The crystal or stone
  • Incense and an appropriate incense burner
  • Kosher salt
  • Bowl of spring water

Bless the Incense:

Hold your incense in your power hand, that is, your dominant hand


I bless this incense so that it is pure and clean, that it has the power to cleanse all that passes through its holy smoke.

Light your incense and say:

So mote it be.

 Bless the Salt:

Hold the salt in your power hand and say:

I bless this salt so that it is pure and clean. So mote it be!

Take three pinches of salt and sprinkle this amount in the spring water. Mix the salt and water with your index finger and say:

I bless this holy water so that it is able to cleanse all that it touches. So mote it be!

 Bless and Consecrate Your Crystal or Stone:

Asperge the item with the holy water and say:

I cleanse you of all negativity.

Next, waft the smoke (blessed incense) around your item and say:

I bless you for the good of all.

You have now cleansed and consecrated your object.

Note: Additionally, you can place your object somewhere safe to be further charged by the full moon.

May this process help you in your Wiccan practice.

Blessed Be,

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