Wiccans and Drugs


“I heard Wiccans use drugs,” Sandy said.

“Yes and no,” I replied.

True, many Wiccans use wine in our the Cakes and Wine ceremony. Alcohol is a drug.

Not all Wiccans use alcohol in the Cakes and Wine ceremony. Some substitute grape juice or another fruit juice. Some completely abstain from all drugs like alcohol and caffeine. Yes, even some teas are off the list.

We can’t throw all Wiccans into any rigid category. Some use other natural drugs to combat ailments such as depression symptoms, arthritis, and other sources of pain. Some imbibe marijuana, for example.

It is truly up to the individual practitioner to choose what may help for medical reasons or improved quality of life.

I know some Wiccans who aim to stay away from manufactured, pharmaceutical drugs. Some Wiccans choose to imbibe natural drugs like caffeine, alcohol or marijuana.

Many Wiccans live in states where marijuana use is illegal, and they abide by local laws. They do not break the rules of the place they live in.

I take medications that help me with an occasional migraine headache and for working with my depression symptoms. I do consult my doctor and monitor the effects of the drugs. Yes, do consult a physician about the use or non-use of drugs.

I invite you to pay close attention to how you do or do not use drugs. What results are you getting? What might you want to change for the better?


Moonwater SilverClaw

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