The Direction East

Direction East

Direction East



East’s element is Air, which is associated with thought. As we entertain thoughts, they become ideas, which manifest into things, first on the astral plane and then on the physical plane. Thoughts are the beginning of great actions to come.

You can use feathers, incense smoke, and wind chimes to represent Air. Place such items in the east corner of your cast circle.

When we consider the 24 hours in a day, East resides at the position of dawn. This corresponds with new ideas. In the morning we wake from our nightly slumber, refreshed and ready, with new ideas and hopes.

Wiccans associate East with Spring. The animals awaken from hibernating. Life begins again after the long winter months. Animals forage and eagerly waiting for the summer months to begin.

In the cycle of life East represents birth. Just like ideas are born, so are our bodies. We see this in the land around us: Plants are sprouting and animals are being born. New life surrounds us.


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