How Do You Know the Gods Are Real?

“How do you know the Gods are real?” my friend, Alana, asked.

I paused for a moment. I usually talk about my experience of the God and the Goddess’s presence that I experienced during a meditation session—some time ago.

But then, I noticed that Alana was serious. She really wanted to know. Upon reflection, I realized that my knowing that the God and Goddess are real comes from three elements.

  • Experience

Wicca is an experiential faith. We don’t tell you what to believe. You have experiences that show you what is real and what is not.

The God and Goddess talk to me—that is, I get a deep inner-knowing about things. You might say that I feel something on a deep level. The God and Goddess guide me and show me the way.

Someone might say, “It’s just your brain making stuff up.”

My response is that I have evidence. Over and over, situations worked out perfectly when I listened to the Gods. I have personally experienced too many synchronicities that make the idea of “it is just made up” false.

Listening to the Gods saved my life in more ways that one. Here is just one example: Some years ago, I was waiting at a stoplight, and it turned green. My usual reaction was pedal to the metal and race forward into the intersection.

Not this time! I heard an inner voice say, “Not yet.” So, I just sat there. Uncomfortable.

Then another car raced through the intersection—right through his red light! That car would have plowed into me on the driver’s side of my car. I could have died.

But I listened to the voice. And, yes I believe in the God and Goddess.

  • Reflection

Meditation is a great tool for you to reflect on what just happened in your life. Meditation helps you understand things on a deeper level.

When something surprising happens, you need to reflect on it—to get to the hidden meanings.

Here are some questions you might ask during your meditation session:

  • Is this situation really what I think it is?
  • Was it a message from the God and Goddess or was it something else?
  • What am I feeling about this?
  • If God and Goddess want me to learn something here—what could that be?

Asking these and other questions can help you learn and grow. You might even help yourself transform to a better version of yourself.

  • Express it out loud and see how you feel

Have you noticed that when you express an idea out loud, it becomes clearer?

Even better, as you talk about your experiences with a trusted friend (or Wiccan elder), you discover what something really means to you.

On our own, we can ruminate on some situation (perhaps, someone caused some trouble for you).

However, to rise to a higher level of thinking and understanding, you can talk out loud about the situation. You might even discover new insights. In your own thoughts and ruminations, you may have had no room to consider the other person’s point of view. Or you might be so clogged with anger or hurt, that you cannot consider the situation from the Gods’ point of view.

But when you speak with a trusted friend (or counselor), you can “have more space” to discover things you hadn’t considered before.

In summary, Wicca is an experiential faith. We have discussed how to deepen your experience through the 3 elements of Experience, Reflection and Express it out loud and see how you feel.

With these 3 elements, you can process your experiences and come to your own conclusions.
Are the Gods real? Perhaps, that question is incomplete. Are the Gods real to you?

Blessed Be,

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