Wiccans Take Back Yule

 “How do you feel about how the Western world has taken over Yule?” my friend, Susan, asked.

Sometimes, it does bother me to see that other people have taken over the Pagan traditions of the Yule Tree, Yule Log and more.

Then, I think about how we, Wiccans, can claim the Yule Season for our own hearts.

  • What Wiccans Emphasize About Yule

Let’s look at the Yule Tree. Evergreens were seen as proof of everlasting life. Our ancestors saw that evergreen trees were the one source of life that continued to live and stay green throughout the year. Even in the deepest winter. They didn’t die with the rest of the plants during the cold months. They were special.

Our ancestors celebrated this. They and we, modern Pagans, consider the Yule Tree as sacred.

This is why our ancestors brought evergreens into their homes and decorated them with small gifts to the God and Goddess. Candles were placed on the bows of the trees (I do not recommend this due to the fire hazard). This is where Yule trees come from, and yes – Christians have adopted the Yule Tree as their “Christmas tree.”

Still, we, Wiccans, can say to ourselves “Our Yule Tree!”

  • Wiccans Can Support Their Own Spirits Amid the Gift-giving Rush

Have you ever found yourself fretting about getting the “right” gifts for a bunch of people at this time of year? Many Wiccans feel the crush of not having the funds for much gift-giving.

For Pagans, exchanging gifts, at this time, is really about celebration. How?

Think about it. Why do you give gifts in the first place?

The first gifts were exchanged by our ancestors as a means of expressing joy for the Sun God’s return.

Small gifts were hung on the branches of the Yule tree for the God and Goddess. Now, we give gifts between ourselves, too.

You can think “small and meaningful.” Even giving a printed out photo, placed in a frame (from a “dollar store”) can be a good gift.

  • Wiccans Meet with Family and Focus on One’s Chosen Family

An old comment is: “If you think you’re enlightened, just attend a family reunion!”

Do you ever dread going to family reunions?

For Pagans, family reunions can be an extra burden. Many of us, for good reasons, must keep our Pagan path as our own secret.

Many of us fear being outed as a witch/Pagan. We hide our pentacle necklaces and other jewelry to conceal our true selves.

So, what is the solution?

Devote Time with Your Chosen Family

In a few days, I’ll be attending a Yule party with my coven. What a relief! Being with likeminded people can really help with the loneliness/alienation/fear that comes with being around non-pagans. Especially this time of year!

Finding a place where you can share common ground with support can be a life saver. Really!

A significant number of people commit suicide at this time of year.

Instead, having a safe and loving place to share with others of like-mind can stop the loneliness/alienation/fear for a Pagan at this time.

In summary, Yule has always been our time. Smile to yourself and own it.

Blessed Be,


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Stepping Out of the Darkness


Recently, I was called to give a speech.
Here is the text of that speech:

“She’s eight years old and she’s drowning, held underwater in a swimming pool.

Yesterday, she loved running on a hilltop in Redwood City. The grass feeling cool between her toes. Yesterday, she climbed a tree.

But today, her brother holds her down, underwater. She is drowning. And he is waiting. Waiting for her to stop moving.

What does this do to a little girl?

I can tell you. My brother finally stepped away.

But the tough times didn’t end there. My brother kept up his torture of me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

So at 8 years old, I stepped to the edge of my bunk bed. I wrapped some yarn around my neck again and again. I stepped off my bunk bed – And I hung there for a moment—until the yarn broke.

My story is about stepping OUT of the darkness.

Sure, I’ve experienced dark times, but I’ve also experienced other things.

I once turned to a friend and said, “How many depressed people does it take to change a light bulb? None. They just sit there in the dark.” [audience laughter]

I’m glad to be speaking with you today about stepping OUT of the darkness.

Along that line, I’m going to share with you the 3 Steps of Empowerment.

The First Step is Diagnosis. When I was 11, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder – another term for this is clinical depression. Clinical Depression is not just feeling the blues. It isn’t just sometimes feeling sad. It doesn’t just go away like Seasonal Affect Disorder.

Clinical Depression is like having tinnitus. That’s the condition where you have constant ringing in your ears. Except this situation is a horrible feeling of pain, sadness, and hopelessness. It can get so bad that death seems like the only way out. A friend of mine killed himself. He had clinical depression.

So Diagnosis is the First Step.

The Second Step is: The person must say, “I want help.”

I’m using the word “say” – but the situation is really about taking action. The depressed person needs to take action.

You and I cannot help a depressed person if they don’t want help. If they won’t take their meds, and if they won’t show up for therapy – there’s not much we can do.

I know that I have family members who want to find a “Happy button” on me. Well—I don’t have a Happy button on me.

Can I borrow yours? [I address an extrovert in the audience. The audience laughs.]

As I mentioned: the Second Step is when the person says, “I want help.” The depressed person has to choose it.

I wanted help. So I worked with psychiatrists and therapists. And I take appropriate medication.

The Third Step is: Maintenance.

Sometimes, I think of maintenance of my well-being as a daily fight. I have certain “weapons” to use to hold my ground against clinical depression.

First, I have a therapy animal, a cat I named Magick. I called him Magick because he makes food disappear! [audience laughter]

I love him and petting him helps me to feel better. He helps me switch to happier thoughts. I feel he takes away some of the pain.

Second, I stay active. I go out with friends when possible. I enjoy laughing with friends. I also stay active by taking daily walks with my sweetheart.

Third, I have things that I do for myself when I’m alone. Knitting and writing are great ways to help me cope.

I have shared with you 3 Steps of Empowerment that mean a lot to me.
1) Diagnosis
2) The person must say “I want help.”
3) Maintenance

And finally about that eight-year-old girl who felt no one cared … She is still inside me, but now I am a full grown woman.
I am here.
I care.
I will protect her.”

People have told me that the above is a powerful speech.

As a Wiccan, I still feel, at times, that I must protect myself.

Do you feel the same?

How can you protect yourself from those who do not care or do not understand our Pagan path?

I’ve learned that I need to face reality. To this day, my parents still do not respect my Wiccan path. They never ask me questions nor hear me out.

Part of taking care of myself is to gather with like-minded people who love me.

May you find your tribe.

Blessed Be,


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How To Walk the Wiccan Path and Deal with a Family Member’s Discomfort

Shhhhh. . .

Shhhhh. . .

How To Walk the Wiccan Path and Deal with a Family Members Discomfort  

Do your friends know you’re Wiccan? How about your family?

Do you have to keep your beliefs a secret at your workplace?

I am fairly open about my practicing Wicca.

Unfortunately, I do have a family member who suggests that I keep a low profile when I attend a work-related event with him. He works in an industry that includes people who speak out a lot about their Christianity. So I turn my talisman with a pentacle around when I’m at a work-related event with him.

Many times I have argued that this form of “hiding” impinges on my freedom as a witch.

At one point, we had one of his friends, a born-again Christian visit, and we kept the door to the room with my shrine closed.

All other times, I wear my pentacle jewelry with pride and talk openly about my beliefs.

I observe that, in America, one does business with a significant number of people who profess that they are Christian and that they hold conservative beliefs.

When I’m in a business situation with my family member, I honor his situation. I am NOT dishonoring the Gods by turning my talisman around, and I am honoring my family member’s concerns.

I am still a witch. Now if someone asks me about it, I will tell them the truth. I am a Wiccan High Priestess. I will not cower in the corner, but that hasn’t happened yet during my family member’s work-related events. I still wear my pentacle; I just do it incognito.

As a matter of fact, I always wear my pentacle. It brings me comfort, and I feel it gives me protection.

Those individuals who are Anti-Wiccan appear to be ignorant (definition: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated in the subject at hand) about Wicca.

It bothers me when a person chooses not to learn, then the situation may become dangerous. When does the price of silence become too much to bear?

At present, we’re at a junction.

First, it is a blessing that many of our predecessors have hacked a path in the wilderness of fear and ignorance that other people have about Wicca. When a significant number of Wiccans openly express the beauty of Wicca, more people in this world start to appreciate who we Wiccans really are.

Fostering this appreciation is one of the reasons that I write this blog.

At this time, I have found my own path. I stand ready to share Wicca with others. And still at my family member’s work-related event, I do not broadcast my beliefs (I keep my talisman turned around).

As I continue to write this blog and my books, I’m encouraged to see other Wiccans continuing to have a positive influence in the world. May we all continue to express the beauty of Wicca.

Now, I invite you to share with us. Have you faced opposition in some form of conservative community? How do you deal with the situation?


Moonwater SilverClaw

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