When You Really Need Money— a Wiccan Ritual

“What is going on? I have so many spiritual friends who are having trouble with money,” my friend, Sabrina, said.

Wiccans do have possibilities to use magick to ease their burdens.

Here is a ritual to increase your money flow. Do this ritual on the waxing moon, for a duration of seven days (before the moon is full). If you can start on a Sunday, even better.

Financial Abundance Ritual

What you will need:

  • Green 7-day knobbed candle
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Candle holder
  • Money Drawing Oil*
  • $100 bill (if necessary you can use $10)
  • Altar Pentacle
  • Money Drawing Incense**
  • Charcoal for burning incense
  • Altar
  • Ritual tools
  • Cakes
  • Wine/juice

*Money Drawing oil

  • 1 drop Cinnamon oil
  • 3 drops Ginger oil
  • 5 drops Flax Seed oil

Combine all three oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil. Let the combined oil sit in the moonlight for three days. Allow it to stand in the dark for three weeks. Do not let it sit in the sun.

**Money Drawing Incense

  • 3 parts Cinnamon
  • 2 parts Ginger
  • 3 parts Flax Seed
  • 2 parts Myrrh

Mix ingredients with mortar and pestle, and let the mixture sit for three days before doing the ritual. Do not let it sit in the sun.

When the time is right, begin your ritual.

Cast circle in the usual manner.

Cleanse and consecrate your candle and the $100 bill. Dress your candle by rubbing the Money Drawing Oil from the tip to the base. Next rub a small amount of the Money Drawing Oil on your $100 bill and place it on your altar pentacle while saying:

Money Chant

Money comes
Money flows
Money stays
Money comes to me
Only in positive ways
And grows and grows!

Place the candle in the candle holder. Place them on top of your $100 bill. Repeat the Money Drawing Oil chant three more times, while concentrating on the candle.

Envision seeing your wallet/purse stuffed with money. Envision being able to pay bills and getting the things you need and want.

When you feel you have this image firmly in your mind, light the candle. Keep concentrating and focusing on your goal until the first knob has been consumed. Snuff your candle with a candle snuffer. Caution: Do not blow out your candle. This will blow out your intention.

For six more days in a row, repeat lighting the candle and focusing on your intention—with each knob. Once you have finished all seven days and the candle burns itself out, take the $100 bill and place it in your purse or wallet. Carry the bill to attract more money. Once you have what you desire, give the bill to charity***.

May this help you on your financial abundance journey.

*** An Important Consideration: Sometimes more than one ritual is needed because a person has significant blocks. If the ritual doesn’t work the first time, you may have to directly address your personal blocks to financial abundance.

Blessed Be,


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Call Upon the Gods and Ask for Abundance


My friend, Sandra, braced herself for bad news. It was worse. Not only was her car needing repairs, the cost was so high, it was better to just get another car!

“How am I going to have enough money to get another car?” she asked me.

I’ve gone through tough times about money, too.

A number of Wiccans I know are lovely people but talk with them long enough and they talk a lot about not having enough money.

What is going on with Wiccans and having troubles about prosperity?

I’ve even talked with a number of elders in our community. They’re talking about fears about getting older. Where will they live, and how will they live when they’re pushed out of the workforce?

Are there too many of us Wiccans hesitating about calling upon the God and Goddess for help in terms of prosperity?

And I even hear about Wiccan friends who say, “You know, I don’t have much. But somehow I get what I need. Hey, I found a bus pass today. It was just laying there on the sidewalk.”

Here’s the point of this post: Two things . . . call upon the Gods and ask for abundance.

Is that so hard?

Apparently, it is.

And here’s the third vital element: Ask for guidance about how you can serve in better ways so that people want to hire you and provide more money. Not just enough to survive—but an abundance so you can thrive!

I know that this might seem uncomfortable.

I’m uncomfortable about money, too.

But then I remember that we Wiccans are on a spiritual path. Such a path is about serving AND receiving.

One of my friends keeps talking about how “we live in an AND-universe.”

So let’s use that idea: “We serve AND we receive abundance.”

Ask the Gods to help your magick.

So what kind of magick can be used to increase your prosperity?

You can use Cord Magick, Sigil Magick, Candle Magick and more!

Again, I want to emphasize in this post. Don’t just ask to “get by.”

Ask for guidance so you can manifest financial abundance by being of more service.

A friend of a friend worked for UPS. And the guy loved building furniture. So he kept the UPS job and, on the weekends, built furniture.

He had more abundance.

That sounds good to me.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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Is Money Spiritual?

Happy Imbolc

Happy Imbolc to everyone. Hope you enjoy the post.


Is Money Spiritual?

Have you heard in some form that “money is not spiritual”?

Some of us have heard a misquote that goes “Money is the root of all evil.”

(Actually, the correct quote is: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”)

There’s a real problem: ignoring money or actually looking down on having money causes unhappiness. Some say that having denial about money issues causes many people to end up poor and unable to take care of their own basic needs.

In Wicca we know our Gods want us to be happy. With this as true, does it make sense that our lacking money is what they want? No.  Now I’m not saying you need to be making buckets of money or that it’s necessary to have a whole lot more than you need.

But for many in our community money is elusive. Why?

For a number of individuals, Wicca was not their first taste of spirituality. They may come from different faiths that look down upon having money. The horrible part is that debilitating beliefs about money often stick in a person’s subconscious mind. And these sick beliefs push us to be unhappy.

Let’s go back to the misquote that goes “Money is the root of all evil.”

Is it money? No, fear is the root of all evil.

Think of it. Fear pushes us toward greed. Fear of never having enough. I remember the famous line from Gone With The Wind: “I will never be hungry again!” In that film, Scarlett O’Hara does extreme things because of her huge fear of being hungry or losing her property.

Is it possible that having money can frighten us? Yes, that can be a problem. Some of us have been conditioned to think that rich people are money-obsessed and that they do bad things. So on a subconscious level, some people are afraid of losing themselves and actually avoid opportunities to become rich and successful. Again, I call these sick beliefs.

Some of us are really afraid of having money. It continues to come from subconscious beliefs drilled into our heads that money was not spiritual.

Instead, I suggest that money is spiritual. Money creates opportunities for us to be happy. It creates safety for us and our families. The Gods want us to feel this way.

If we’re doing well with our personal money situation, we walk around with an air of positive energy. We can be compassionate to others. Expressing compassion is an important part of one’s spiritual path.

We have many ways of creating prosperity. I think just doing money spells is not the full answer.

Ideally, we would use magick to get to an inner state where we can work out problems that prevent us from enjoying financial abundance. We can do meditations and inner work to change the limiting thought patterns and beliefs we have about money. (For more about this, see a free chapter from my book The Hidden Children of the Goddess. CLICK HERE.

Some Wiccans may default to doing prosperity spells to gain money. However, it may help more for you to do a healing spell so that any blocks dissolve to learning how to earn more money, save money and improve spending habits.

Let’s start with new and empowering thoughts about money. Look at holding empowering definitions of words related to money. For example, author Jason Miller talks about the difference between rich and wealth. I think he says it well:

A rich person has a high income, which is a stream that can feed being wealthy or being in debt, depending on how that money is used. There is no shortage of people with high incomes but no real wealth. . . . Wealth is not a flow of income; it is a state of positive finances.

What is a state of positive finances? Such a state includes enough money for bills, some money for entertainment, savings for tough situations in life, some money to be kind to others, and savings towards one’s retirement. Positive finances is not about having just enough to barely get by. It is really about having some amount of financial abundance (more than enough).

To live in lack (including difficulties about money) really isn’t the Gods’ and Goddesses’ plan for us. They invite us to grow, learn and adapt. They invite us to learn something about creating financial abundance.

Let’s begin today.



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