In Just One Moment, Connect with Goddess



“I was so happy a day ago,” my friend Anna said.

“I hear a ‘but’ coming up,” I said.

“But then I found out my project is going to cost three times more,” she said.

“That sounds tough to hear,” I replied. “What were you happy about?”

“Our project had a new donor,” she continued, “But now, we’re stuck.”

I empathize with Anna’s situation.

The strange thing I notice is that Anna did not immediately invoke her Wiccan knowledge. Why did that happen?

You see, your ordinary, daily life is NOT separate from your spiritual life.

What could Anna do—in just a moment or two—to help her feel the Goddess’s love?

  1. Turn Your Thoughts to Goddess

Shift to your feelings and thoughts about what you’re grateful for. Use this chant:

Gracious Lady of the Moon,
I thank you now for this boon.

  1. Light a Candle per day

You can light a candle as an offering to express your gratitude for what you do have.

On the first day, Anna could have lit a candle to express her gratitude for the project donation.

On the second day, Anna could light a candle for Goddess’s Guidance.

Use this chant:

I don’t know what to do.

Grant me strength to find a solution.
Guide me with Your Divine Inspiration.

Grant me strength to find a solution.
Guide me with Your Divine Inspiration.

Grant me strength to find a solution.
Guide me with Your Divine Inspiration.

So Mote It Be.

The third day would be time to do an offering after what you want has manifested.

  1. Find some humor.

When we do things, we’ll face some resistance.

I was talking with a friend recently and we came up with this little phrase:

I thank you now
I thank you later
Do what You will
to straighten out this hater.

My friend and I laughed about this one.

Remember, you can connect with Goddess in just one moment.

Blessed Be,

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