Beware of Mistakes in Casting a Circle

Casting Circle
Casting Circle

“Can I make a big mistake in Casting a Circle?” my friend, Veronica, asked.

“It is important to focus on three vital details,” I replied.

When you Cast a Circle you want to:

  • Keep Things Out—They Steal Your Energy
  • Keep Energy In
  • Dismiss the Elementals—or They Cause Havoc
  1. Keep Things Out—They Steal Your Energy

If you don’t Cast Your Circle properly, nearby entities can steal valuable energy you have raised. It gets worse: Such entities can cause your spell or ritual to fall flat.

Let’s say you do a Prosperity Spell. But such entities leached your valuable energy. Then, your Prosperity Spell will collapse, due to no power behind it.

  1. Keep Energy In

A properly cast Circle keeps your energy all in one place. When you raise energy, you want it to build—not dissipate into the surrounding landscape. Your Circle helps you magnify such energy.

  1. Dismiss the Elementals—or They Cause Havoc

Elementals can cause havoc on your life if not dismissed. I have heard of problems ranging from electrical issues, plumbing problems to scary incidences of fires breaking out in one’s home.

Warning: ALWAYS dismiss an entity once it has completed its function.

 Finally, closing your circle is truly important.

Just follow the appropriate steps but do them in reverse.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be one step closer to enhancing your life and making your dreams come true.

Blessed Be,

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