How to Meet Your Spirit Guides



“How can I meet my Spirit Guides?” Jessie asked.

“Through meditation,” I replied. “While meditating, I had this experience:

I went to the standing stones and asked to meet my Spirit Guide. Suddenly, I was aware of a loving presence. A beautiful woman came forward. She approached me, and I could see her pleasant features form. Lovely brown hair and eyes came into focus. She reached out and took my hand.” 

You can receive guidance from your Spirit Guide or even a Totem Animal.

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls wrote: “A totem animal is often a protector, a mate to travel the Inner Worlds with who knows its way around and can get you in, to your destination and out again safely.”

I always start in a safe place on the astral plane. This could be a cottage or a circle of standing stones. Pick a place that has power to protect you. You can meet your Spirit Guide there.

The Witches’ Cottage is where I start in my daily meditation. From the Witches’ Cottage you can begin your journey on the astral plane.

Here is a meditation to discover your own Witches’ Cottage.

(The below material is an excerpt from my book Goddess Has Your Back. See a Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE.


Witches’ Cottage Meditation

  • Cast the Circle

Note: This meditation includes special pauses. During a pause you have the time to interact with the environment of the Witch’s Cottage on the astral plane. Consider either having a friend read the directions to you or pre-recording the material in your own voice for later playback. When you come across the words “Short pause” do not say them aloud. Simply pause your reading before you move onward.


2) Witches’ Cottage Meditation

Relax. Take a deep breath in. Breathe out, releasing the stresses of the day. Keep taking deep breaths, in and out. With each exhale you get more and more relaxed. Feel your body as it sits comfortably Notice now that the light slowly begins to dim. You feel comfortable and at peace as the light continues to fade. Now the light is gone and you are happy and secure in the darkness.


(Short pause)


Soon you notice the light starts to return. Slowly at first. Then as your eyes adjust to the new light, you now can see that you are in a Cottage. The air is fresh and clean. Look around to orient yourself to your new surroundings. Look to the south wall and see a warm, friendly fire crackling in a large stone fireplace. Walk to the fireplace and enjoy the light and warmth the fire gives you. Observe the fireplace What kind of stone is it made of? What kind of kindling is being used?


(1 minute pause)


Look to your right and notice the west wall and then walk to it and see a nearby fountain. What does this fountain look like? How was it constructed?


(1 minute pause)


Look to your right and see the north wall and walk to it.

Near the wall is a large stone table. Observe the table. What distinguishing marks does it have?


(1 minute pause)


Turn to your right again and view the east wall. Walk to it and now see a well-kept window set into the wall.  What can you see out of the window? What time of day or night is it?


(1 minute pause)


Further explore the cottage. What does it smell like? What materials were used in its construction? How many rooms do you see?


(5 minutes pause)


Knowing that this is a safe and secure place where no one or thing may enter without your permission. You find a nice place to sit. Rest a while. Then notice how the light starts dimming. Feel comfortable and at peace as the light continues to fade. Now the light is gone and you are happy and secure in the darkness.


(Short Pause)


Soon you notice that the light starts to return. Slowly at first. Your eyes adjust to the new light and you feel safe, calm and refreshed. Now open your eyes to your present-day world.

3) Do the Cakes and Wine Ceremony

4) Close the Circle



The Witches’ Cottage serves as a safe place when you start traveling on the astral plane.

My process is to begin at my Witches’ Cottage and then go to the standing stones.

You can use another process and still be certain that you begin with a safe place.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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