How Wiccans Reverse a Curse or Hex


“I’m concerned about curses. How can I protect myself?” one of my readers asked.

Here’s an easy Hex-breaking Candle Spell.

What you will need:

  • One black chime candle
  • One brown chime candle
  • One white chime candle
  • Sea salt
  • A picture of yourself
  • Cookie sheet or pan
  • Tinfoil

What to do:

Cover the cookie sheet with your tinfoil.

Start at the middle of the pan, and pour a line of salt, going from left to right.

Place your picture on the right end of your salt line.

Make a circle around your picture by pouring salt to create that circle. Make sure the salt-circle connects to the salt-line you previously made.

Set the black candle on the left side, at the starting end of the salt-line.

Place the brown candle in the middle of the line, and finally set the white candle on the end of the line, next to your picture.

Think of all the stuff that has been going wrong in your life. Really get your emotions into it. Once you have worked yourself up, light the black candle. Next, light the brown candle. Imagine all the muck draining away from your life.

It’s important to breathe deeply, as you focus on the bad stuff leaving your life for good. Take your time.

Once you have envisioned the muck completely vanishing from your life, light the white candle.

You can meditate on the good things you would like to see manifest in your life.

IMPORTANT: Let all the candles burn themselves completely out. And make sure to avoid leaving a burning candle unattended.

May this Hex-breaking Candle Spell help you move forward in your life.

Blessed Be,

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