How Witches Push Back about People Who Manipulate through Religion

Beware of Dark Alleys

“Wow! That was close. I almost got hurt,” my friend, Samantha, said. She explained that she has a business, and she received a document that looked official. It was a scam. When she examined the document, she found in small print that “this is not a government document.”

But her main point was that the document began with “a penalty of $250” if one does not “pay $120 now.” She was afraid of losing money.

Samantha even noticed that the envelope had the words “not a government document.”

She had barely saved herself from being manipulated. Samantha then made a comment about how certain individuals use manipulation related to religion.

Here are three insights:

  1. Push back against manipulation through fear.

The manipulator uses the weapon of fear. They will use fear upon you—without mercy. My friend, Samantha, felt fear when seeing the false document from the scammer.

The manipulator use tries to get us afraid of pain, loss, or hardship. They use fear to pry open people’s wallets and to get them to do things they normally wouldn’t do.

Witches notice that a number of religions and/or sects emphasize that “one is a sinner” and “you must follow these rules or you’re going to hell.”

On the other hand, witches can pause and ask appropriate questions. Before you act, ask yourself…

  • Would the Gods approve of this?
  • Is this in line with the grace and kindness of the Goddess?
  • Is this in line with my spiritual path?
  • Do I have a spiritual elder to talk with before I take action?

When a manipulator tries to use fear on you, pause and think things through. Ask, “Why are they using fear? What do they get out of it? How do they win if they control my behavior?”

  1. Put up a shield.

You can also use the InstaCircle for quick shielding against negative energies. Here’s the process:

The InstaCircle Chant for Shielding

As you say this chant, you will take your power hand, (usually your dominant hand) and trace a Circle three times above and around your head. When you do the movements, you will envision the energy streaming from your index finger.

Soon, you will point to the heavens and pull the energy from there to the ground.

Here is the InstaCircle process with the movements:

Using your power hand, trace the Circle three times.

I cast my Circle thrice,
round, round and round.

Point your index finger up to the heavens and then pull energy down to the ground.

Let no bane get in,
From heavens to ground.


The InstaCircle can support you by shielding you from negative energies.

  1. Strengthen your bonds with the Gods so you guard against manipulation.

Having a strong relationship with the Gods can uplift you with Their positive energies.

You’ll need to stay strong, rested, and healthy so you can make better decisions. I’m so glad that Samantha was wide-awake to avoid being scammed. Other people might not pause long enough to see the small indicators (“this is not a government document”) that gave clues to the scam.

The Gods’ guidance will help you stay on a positive spiritual path.

Listen to your heart because the Gods reside there.

Blessed Be,

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