Happy Lammas 2018

Happy Lammas 2018 from all of us at GoddessHasYourBack.com

Blessed Be,

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The First Grains

The First Grains



On August 1st, Lammas, also called Lughnasadh (the Celtic first day of autumn), starts the first of the three Wiccan harvest festivals. Known as the time when the God starts to wane in his power, Lammas, or “loaf-mass,” celebrates the first grains harvested that season. During the Lammas Sabbat, Wiccans offer up the first sheaf of the harvest to the God and Goddess to thank them for their blessing of the harvest yield.


Wiccans love to feast, and this is the best time of year to do it! Since grains are a prominent part of the Lammas Sabbat, we celebrate by making breads and other baked goods from the first wheat or corn produced. The different breads, beers, and other foods produced and consumed at this time remind us of the bounty that the Gods have given us. 

Here’s wishing you the best on this Sabbat.

Moonwater SilverClaw