Is the Law of Attraction Really Magick?

Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magick

Is the Law of Attraction Really Magick?

My friend Cindy saw the movie The Secret and learned about the Law of Attraction which states that “like attracts like.” So she tried really hard to think positive thoughts all the time. But life threw her curve balls like a problem at work or a friend not answering her phone calls.

Because she thought about the Law of Attraction she was afraid that her fearful thoughts were “attracting bad situations.”

I’ve thought about the Law of Attraction often. And I realized that talking about the Law of Attraction is really talking about using magick.

When people talk about the Law of Attraction, they emphasize that the energy you send out will attract similar situations. In Wicca, we talk about using energy. And doesn’t that “like attracts like” sound quite similar to the concept of the Three Times Law?

So if the law of attraction is magick, why are people having so many problems getting what they want?

The reasons may surprise you.

First, they may lack all of the right tools.

Second, they may be actually blocking their own path to success and fulfillment.

But the biggest problem remains that many people have unhealthy beliefs about success in their heads. For example, Henry’s father poisoned the boy’s thoughts that “All rich people are corrupt. Every fortune is based on a crime.”

No wonder Henry’s subconscious mind, in his adulthood, actually repels prosperity.

So how do we get rid of limiting beliefs to clear the path to our desires?

I talk about all this and more in my book Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magick. Below is an excerpt from the book.

Beyond the Law of Attraction

to Real Magick

self-perspective: Overcome The blockage of Not feeling worthy

Do you feel worthy of the best that life has to offer? Maybe on the conscious level you say, “Sure. Bring it on. The new house, new car, and a real, loving relationship.”

But have you ever sabotaged your chances of getting exactly what you wanted?

Self-sabotage can occur because of feeling not worthy on a subconscious level.

If it’s subconscious, how can we deal with this?

Good question.

Soon I will share with you a Self-Love meditation.

But first let’s talk about magick. The whole premise of this book is that there is a way to go about the Law of Attraction with more power.

To put it simply, the Law of Attraction is a form of magick, but people who read an introductory book on the Law of Attraction are often denied enough information to truly make the Law of Attraction work in their own lives.

So to really make a positive difference in your life, we need to talk about real magick. I spell magick with a “k” to distinguish it from stage magic you see on television.

Magick is a natural power, not a supernatural one. Who uses magick? In my spiritual path, Wicca, one is trained to use magick in appropriate ways.

When Wiccans do magick, they channel natural energies and create change with them.

Well, if Wicca isn’t really supernatural, then why practice Wicca at all?

To put it simply, you want something. That’s probably why you were interested in the Law of Attraction in the first place. Now in the context of learning real magick, you’ll be able to fully use the Law of Attraction. And that’s good news!

Everyone is different and has their own answer to that question. I like to think of religion as a bottle of wine. Let’s say you have three different people who all taste the same bottle of wine. The first person points out that the flavor has accents of oak. The second praises the hints of apple in it, and the third enjoys the floral notes. They are all right. The wine contains all the flavors they described. But each person detected something different. Religion is like that. Deity can’t be entirely known. So the truth of it is scattered into many faiths.

In Wicca, we honor  the God and the Goddess. If that’s new to you, you can substitute the label of Higher Power or God or Deity.

The Gods and Goddesses have helped me and they can help you, too. The first thing they taught me was self-love.

Before we go further, let’s make a distinction between self-love and self-conceit (or being stuck in one’s ego).

Self-love is about kindness and support. So it’s a good thing. It is NOT about your ego or puffing yourself up.

Let me show you how the Gods changed my perspective on myself for the better.

One of the best exercises I learned is meditation. Through reflective meditation, the Gods helped me understand how skewed my perception of myself really was. This was a key turning point for me.

One thing you always hear about are affirmations, but for many of us these just don’t work.

First, let’s cover what an affirmation is. It’s a personal, positive statement. It can be as simple as “I feel terrific” or “I make a lot of money.”

For many, the above statements don’t work. Why?

A number of people have told, “It just sounds like I’m lying to myself.”

Like myself, many people’s inner self-beliefs interfere with these positive statements. For an example, if I used the affirmation “I am thin,” my brain would object with “No, I’m not. Look in the mirror.” It’s not true. No matter how hard you try to pound that new idea into your brain, your brain pounds just as hard back.

So how did the Gods help me deal with this problem? They inspired me to create a Self-Love Meditation.

So instead of the uphill battle of an affirmation, we’ll use the Self-Love Meditation to work with the situation.

[End of above Excerpt from Beyond the Law of Attraction to Real Magick]



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