How Witches Handle Having No Energy for Ritual

How many times have you had a fleeting thought of “I should do a ritual”—but you just didn’t have the energy?

Just five minutes ago, I thought, “I should light a candle for Squat (Goddess of parking spaces).” For a moment, I felt—oh, just let me stay in this chair for a few more minutes. Fortunately, I mustered the energy to rise and light the candle in thanksgiving for Squat’s kindness.

Here are some insights about gathering energy so you do the rituals to bless your life.

  • Do you need more sleep?

So many of us are existing on the edge of not enough sleep to function. You could be stressed out. How ironic that when we need sleep the most, we find that we have trouble sleeping. I found these actions to help. Before going to bed, I’ve had a nice cup of chamomile tea. Sometimes, I have a glass of milk. Ask the Gods for their help when you lay down for sleep.

Double-check if you’re experiencing medical difficulties that cause sleep trouble. I saw a doctor and discovered that I need a CPAP machine to help me deal with sleep apnea. I find that the CPAP machine really helps. (It also removes my snoring!)

  • Make your ritual simple and a routine.

Human beings can get something done when it is a simple routine. When X happens, I do Y. For example, if a friend asks for my spiritual support, I do a candle lighting ritual (To see an example of a Candle Healing Spell—click here.) It takes little time, and I do not need much energy to complete it.

  • Do ritual with fellow covenmates on a regular schedule.

Sometimes, we just need help from friends. If you find you’re going through a tough time and you have just a bit of energy to function, then reach out to fellow witches. Perhaps, join a coven. Or if you already belong to a coven, ask your covenmates to join you in doing a ritual. It’s even better when you do rituals, perhaps, two times each month. This regular schedule builds relationships. Additionally, the energy you and covenmates raise will be substantially more than you could create alone.

May this process bless your journey.

Blessed Be,

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