How Witches Can Get and Use Music in Their Rituals

Have you used music to enhance your rituals? Using music can help you raise powerful energy in your Circle. It’s a great way to step up the process—especially when you have some music with a good beat.

Music can assist you in raising more power than you normally would.

Here are some ways to add music to your ritual:

  • Pre-recorded Music

If you’re like me, and you don’t regularly play an instrument, you may find that prerecorded music is pure gold. You can choose from so many great artists’ work. You’ll find any style or mood you’d like.

  • Music Played Live

Perhaps, someone in your coven is a musician. Additionally, you could have coven mates join in with something simple like drumming, singing, chanting, or humming.

  • Use Music in a Combined Format

Consider having a coven mate who has an instrument and some recording device to record a foundation of music. That is, the person could prerecord a percussion line of music or even add a base guitar to it (depending on their recording equipment … plus one can carefully access recording software like Audacity).

For example, you could use drums to create a basic rhythm and prerecord that. Then, during ritual, you and your coven mates can sing, chant or play other instruments live.

May this process bless your life.

Blessed Be,

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