What is the Wiccan View of “Perfect Love and Perfect Trust”?


“I just don’t understand it,” my friend, John, said.

“Understand what?” I asked.

“When am I going to start to feel better? When will I start to feel safe? When will I feel this Perfect Love and Perfect Trust?” he asked.

I could relate to his situation. It was not until I was 18 years old, that I had an experience of perfect love and trust. How? It was during a meditation session. That’s when I felt two Presences beside me. The God was on my left, and the Goddess was on my right. They each took one of my hands. Words pale in trying to express the energy I felt. The experience was a transfer of love, compassion, and peace. I felt safe, and finally I felt like I belonged.

If only I could just give this experience to John.

Frequently, I describe Wicca as an experiential, spiritual path. This is not just about studying sacred texts. No. It is in meditation and ritual … it is in walking through this world that we have an experience that fully informs us that God and Goddess are present.

I describe the experience of “perfect love and perfect trust” with this metaphor: A blind person sits in a room. She’s distracted as she runs her hand quickly over braille in her book. She is unaware that the God and Goddess are present in the room. Still, the God and Goddess wait until she reaches her hands out—and then, lovingly, God and Goddess take her hands. They guide her safely from the room. She needs to fully love and trust the God and Goddess and that they will guide her well.

We turn toward the God and Goddess. If you don’t watch for the signs from the God and Goddess, and if you don’t trust in Their guidance, you’ll miss out.

Sometimes, things go awry. We wonder why bad things seem to be happening to us. However, we need to trust the Gods and realize that they have a bigger plan to help us learn and grow.  What is most important at this time? Learn to connect with the God and Goddess.

I would recommend that you take even small steps toward the God and Goddess. Consider even just a daily five-minute meditation session. Perform a simple candle-lighting ritual.


Blessed Be,

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