What Can a Redwood Tree Teach Us about Life and Wicca?



What Can a Redwood Tree Teach Us about Life and Wicca?

Have you noticed that certain small things can grow much larger in your life? Think of a seed that eventually grows into a mighty redwood tree.

Decisions are like seeds. They have the potential to grow into something so much bigger.

I remember an important seed in my life: my decision to learn about one particular word—Wicca. From there I grew in my practice to become a Wiccan priestess.

My first decision, like a seed, grew into my life path.

Think about your decisions. What have you grown in your life?

Further, imagine looking at a cross section of a redwood tree. You’d notice the rings of the tree that reveal its lifecycle.

Now, think of these rings as different layers just like your life has different layers or stages.

At each “ring” or life stage, we’re making new decisions.

Some decisions make us resilient like a redwood tree. When there’s a fire in a forest, a tree may be damaged. After the trauma has passed, the redwood tree may bear the scars. But this tree can bounce back and become bigger and mightier than before.

You can, too! In Wicca, we use the tools of meditation and the Gods’ guidance to become that mighty redwood.

In the recent couple of days, I have been camping among redwood trees. A park ranger told me that the cones of a redwood tree need the heat of a forest fire in order to open and release their seeds. What a vivid image. Trauma can be used for new life.

A major trauma in your life can create new growth for you personally. With each wrong choice or even a disaster, we have the potential to grow to our mightiest form.

Redwood trees teach us much about personal growth, and they can teach us a great deal more.



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