How a Wiccan Gets Free of Regret

I toss and turn in the bed. The same thoughts, the same regrets run again in my mind.

Why did I do that?! How stupid!

Do regrets keep you awake and haunt your day-time thoughts?

Sometimes, I get stuck with thoughts of regret and pain.

How can you release these painful thoughts?

You could try to take a rational approach. Maybe saying to yourself, “Oh. It’s not so bad.”  However, many of us discover that merely ignoring such thoughts ultimately keeps them around!

Instead, I invite you to take a look. (You might need support. A trusted friend or even a counselor.)

You can resolve to really look at the regret. Feel some of the pain. And then resolve to start a process of letting go.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I learn from this past experience?
  • If I need to, can I make amends? If so, how?
  • If I can’t make amends for some reason, what is the next best thing I might do?

After you have answered these questions with a truthful heart, chant these words:

The Release the Regret Chant
Regret of mine, running though my mind.
This moment I leave the past behind
Now Leave my mind
No more to bind
I release you
I release me
By sky, stars, sun and moon
This regret leaves real soon
By candlelight, I now clear the space
The open spot Goddess fills with grace

Envision the regretful thought. Give it a color. Imagine the thought floating away, leaving you with space. Fill this space with the Gods’ light. Feel the peace now present.

If this process does not fully work for you the first time, stay with it.

Repeat the process.

And do not hesitate to ask the God and the Goddess for help.

They want you to be free and fully present in each new moment.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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