How Witches Experience the Truth of “Your Fight May Be Someone’s Light”

My boyfriend broke through the door to find me on the floor, a blade in one hand, a wound on my arm, and my blood on the floor. I had cut myself, as a way to relieve my emotional pain. This is called self-injury.

Minutes later, he told me, “I can endure a lot. But the cutting, I can’t take that.”

In the next days, I realized what was at stake. The love of my life told me the truth.

I resolved to eliminate cutting-behavior from my life. Through a struggle, I did remove the cutting-behavior out of our lives.

My boyfriend (now husband) and I are together for more than 20 years.

I share this story because I know that healing and hope are real.

I have three insights for you:

  1. Learn to be a source of light.

As we struggle through life, we witches notice it’s not easier just because of our spiritual path. Many of us talk about how life as a witch can be tougher.

During moments of struggle, it’s hard to shine while we feel alone and in the darkness.

To be a source of light, we must turn and face the light—the divinity the Gods placed within us. From this place of knowing, we can remember that our struggle may be a possible source of inspiration to someone else in the future. One day, the phrase: Your fight may be someone’s light appeared in my consciousness. This became part of my process to create a course called Spiritual Solution for Depression Relief.

I felt part of my emotional burden ease off as I realized that I had a purpose. My lessons in dealing with depression symptoms could be used to support others facing hard times with depression and pain.

As I worked on the online course with my editor, I felt my light grow with every audio recording and edited video.

In the years of writing 9 books, recording podcast episodes, and creating online courses, I’ve learned that my inner divinity was needed to light up dark places.

What are dark places in your experience, and how might you express your own creativity?

  1. Know your purpose.

Many people want to know their purpose. Some people spend years yearning to know the answer.

So how do we find our purpose? Ask and observe. You can ask the Gods.

You can observe what gives you joy. What gifts have you been given? I’ve noticed that the intersection of gifts and joy can be one indication of something that is purpose-focused in your life.

What brings you joy? What are your gifts? How can you bring these together?

  1. Ask the Gods for guidance.

Here is an essential part of the path of the witch: Ask the Gods for guidance on your purpose and how you can be a light for others.

Many of us, witches, serve as healers, supporters for helping others find their truth, and activists for worthy causes.

Consider having a regular meditation practice. Some witches choose the Tarot or another form of divination to seek possible answers from the God and Goddess.

Let’s return to the phrase: Your fight may be someone’s light. Witches, as healers, often help people by providing support and comfort.

How will you be kind to another person?

May these insights support you on your path.

Blessed Be,

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