The Witches Pyramid – Fire


“I feel stuck,” my friend Amy said. My first thought was that it might help for her to do a ritual related to the element Fire.

In the previous post, we talked about Air in the Witches Pyramid. In this post, we will discuss Fire, an element (related to South) that is part of the foundation of the Witches Pyramid.

Fire represents To Will on the Witches Pyramid. Will is that fire to get things done. Will is the intensified-desire that creates change and allows us to manifest our thoughts into reality.

Fire is energy. And still, we begin with the element Air which creates the idea of what you desire. Fire helps manifest what Air created.

Without Fire things stagnate. Nothing gets done. We need to Will to change ourselves and forge forward to accomplish the fulfillment of our needs.

Fire is a transformative element. Fire is a force (or energy) to change, which transforms you into something new

Change is something we strive for in Wicca. We want to transform ourselves into newer and better states of being so we can grow spiritually.

So how do we enhance the element of Fire in our lives?

Consider something you want to change or to get better in your life. Do you want to get a better job or do you need a better living situation? A quiet desire is not enough. You need to apply Fire so you Will something into being.

One of the best ways to empower yourself with Will is to do a ritual focused on Fire. Begin a meditation on Fire by first lighting a candle. Focus your eyes on the flame. Breathe deep. Soon you will close eyes and do the following visualization.

Your visualization will now be quite specific. Visualize a symbol of a current situation that you do NOT like. Now imagine that what you really want is inside the symbol.

Now apply the power of FIRE to the symbol which is like a false shell around what you want.

This false shell burns away and you are left with what you really want!

You have applied the power of FIRE.

To build up your To Will power, you may need to do a series of Fire-related meditations.

Remember, your mind, properly harnessed, has terrific power to improve your life.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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The Direction South

The Compass Direction South

The Direction South


Fire represents South, which is the spark of life and the energy that gets things done. Fire is associated with the will. (The will is defined as: “The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action.”)

To represent fire, place in the South corner one of these things: a lit candle, dragon figurine, or a hot chilly pepper.

South associates with noontime, the peak of the day’s hustle and bustle. Many people and animals are most active and awake at this time.

Summer represents South. It’s the growing season and hottest time of the year, when things flourish.

South represents the adult phase of the life cycle. We can take care of ourselves and take on more responsibilities. Our lives are at the peak of health and strength.

Blessed Be

Moonwater SilverClaw