How Witches Use Something Better Than a New Year’s Resolution

Is there something you want to get better in the New Year? Okay. I know. So many things we want to get better.

Have you thought about New Year’s Resolutions? I have something better. This is something that will take away some pressure on you.

Isn’t that what you really need?

So many of us are overwhelmed with so many obligations: being a good parent, an efficient employee, someone with a totally clutter-free living space. It seems like we try to pile on as much as we can.


Here are three insights:

  1. Realize that “your plate” is finite.

I’m talking about our schedule when we say, “My plate is full.”

A big problem with New Year’s Resolutions is just that, you’re already overcommitted.

So, what happens? You drop the new behavior and fall back into the usual behaviors that you’re used to.

Adding more than we can manage makes us feel under too much pressure. This lowers self-esteem, and some of us even get physically ill.

So, realize that your plate is finite and look to stop adding to your schedule.

“Nor do I demand sacrifice, for behold I am the Mother of All Living, and my love is poured out upon the earth.” From The Charge of the Goddess, written by Doreen Valiente in the voice of the Goddess

The Goddess pours her love on the earth. She does not want you to sacrifice your health and sanity.

Imagine that you can live each day with more moments feeling the Goddess’s love and abundance.

  1. Do not add until you take something off your plate.

If you plan to add a new behavior as a New Year’s Resolution, take something off your plate. This creates space for the New Year’s Resolution, so you stay on track.

I invite you to consider creating a “New Year Stop It” List. Pick something to remove from your daily schedule. This will give you more energy to do the things that are important to you. Give yourself the gift of space.

  1. Ask the Gods, “Do I stop this because I’ve ‘graduated’ or ‘I’m worth it’?”

Sometimes, we “graduate” from a particular situation, and it is time to move on.

I have a friend, Henry, who realized that he had “graduated” from two friends. These so-called friends, as a habit, would tear Henry’s creative ideas down.

Henry realized that he would gain so much space and energy if he would reduce his exposure to these two people.

Ask the God and Goddess to guide you about your next chapter of life.

In a meditation session, you can ask, “God and Goddess, is it time for me to let go of certain people or situations in my life?”

I also mentioned asking the Gods about “Do I stop this because I’m worth it?”

“I’m worth it” relates to “I have value, so I don’t have to endure this, anymore.” Sometimes you need to be like a snake that sheds its old skin to become new again—to have room to grow. The snake leaves the non-useful skin behind it.

Some things you will graduate from. Those things need to be taken off your plate to make room. You will have more opportunities for new lessons and new joyful moments.

May these insights support your life path.

Blessed Be,

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