How Witches Deal with Someone Judges You Harshly Even When You’re Innocent

“It’s so unfair,” my friend, Marla, said.

“What is?” I asked, gently.

“My mother. Now that she’s older, she’s so bitter. And she’s blaming me for how the party turned out. You know it wasn’t my fault.”

“I do know that the vendor did something shady,” I said.

“Yeah. Tell that to my mother. No, forget that. She wouldn’t listen,” Marla said.

This is a real situation to bring to the Gods. When you know you’re innocent, but someone is harshly judging you–and they’re a family member, it’s really awful.

If you lose your calm, you’ll only make it worse. First, we need to realize that often, you can’t change the other person.

So, you need to “contain the damage.”

Don’t let that person run your life—when you’re not in their presence. It just wastes your time.

How can you feel better? Bring it to the Gods. Here is a prayer.

Prayer to the Gods

Lord and Lady see my true innocence.
Quiet my feelings of sorrow and anger
Towards those who have judged me.
Let me still have my voice and my mind clear.
Let me feel my True Self is always here.
See me through this dark time.
Let no tongues wag untruths about me.
Let the darkness of my mind flee.
Give me strength and set me free.
So Mote It Be.

May this prayer sustain you.

Blessed Be,

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