Wiccans and Voting in 2016


Light a candle against the darkness

There is a time to speak up.

I will contribute some positive ideas to the conversation about voting in the USA during the current presidential election season (2016).

I will put my comments into the context of Wiccan principles.

  1. Wicca honors the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine

I’ll put this in few words. Regarding a candidate who dishonors women (and has continued this practice for decades), I will vote AGAINST such a candidate.

  1. Wicca focuses on the Wiccan Rede “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

I have seen a candidate say horrible things that even incited violence at the candidate’s appearances. Such horrible things have been against people based on their gender, their ethnicity, racial makeup and more. Words direct thoughts; thoughts direct actions. Actions can help a society or harm society. I will vote AGAINST someone who continues to say horrible things against people based on their gender, ethnicity, racial makeup and more.

My lifemate is a person of color. He has told me of situations in which his color was used against him. I pay attention to this situation.

  1. Wicca is an active path.

I have heard friends who say that they do not like either candidate. In Wicca, we are active: We cast spells, meditate, ask the God and Goddess for guidance and more.

During this election, I will be active. I will vote AGAINST the candidate who will bring greater harm to the USA and the world.

We, as Wiccans, need to honor the Old Ways and honor the Gods and Goddesses. It is time we look at our own spiritual path and make a choice that will bring some good to the USA and the world.

Blessed Be,

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