Should We Believe in The Law Of Three?


Stump and Log

Stump and Log

Should We Believe in The Law Of Three?

Do you believe in the Law of Three? Have you done something and had the same energy return upon you three-fold?

I have personally seen Law of Three results unfold in my daily life. My actions do bring things in response that are similar in tone.

Do we always get exactly three times the response to an action? Not necessarily.

Imagine that you remove a log from your yard. Likely, some little creatures live in that log. Now homeless, they must find a new place to live. Most often, this might be a small situation.

But what if they were termites and their new home is your house?!

So a small action (removing the log) led to a big reaction (termite damage). Perhaps, needing to have your home repaired causes you stress.

And in this above example, we see that one action may be magnified. How much depends

on many variables and how a particular action effects the universe.

So why is it called The Law of Three if it doesn’t effect us exactly three times? In short, I don’t know. Perhaps, three was chosen because it is a sacred number. It sounds better than The Law of Two.

I’d suggest that The Law of Three really reminds us that one action can create a magnified reaction that effects you.

Say no to racism

Say no to racism

Crystal Blanton

This is a public service announcement from Crystal Blaton and I think it is very important for people in the Craft to stand up to the sickness that is Racism.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: My dear Pagan people… Racism is a cancer in our society. It has killed for generations and the only cure known to man is education. And that still is not 100% effective, many people will continue to die from racism, and many people will die racist.

And so we MUST remember that there is NO PLACE for racism in our spiritual community. It doesn’t matter what branch of Paganism, what label or term that is used. It is not acceptable, nor should it ever be acceptable.

All people should feel safe to walk with the Gods. All people should feel safe to engage in community, and all people have the right to connect with divinity. My brand of Paganism does not include those [racist] beliefs and I will continue to demand a safe environment for all people, and especially for people of color, to be free of bullshit separatist language, rhetoric and ridicule.

Cancer silently kills people everyday. My aunt died from cancer right before my eyes. Racism also kills people silently (and sometimes not so silently). I have also lost many people from this silent but deadly killer. It must stop…. and we are the only means to a cure.

It starts with us. IT MUST START WITH US!

Eliminating racism begins with acknowledging that it is still here. For over 13 years, I live with my sweetheart, and he is a person of color. He has seen the trouble caused by racism and negativity.

I find it synchronistic that I wrote about The Law of Three and Crystal wrote about eliminating racism.

If you have a personal story about The Law of Three I would love to hear about your experience. You can reply in the comments box below. Thanks!


Moonwater SilverClaw

Picture of Crystal provided by her.

The Law Of Three


The Universal Pond

The Law Of Three

Let’s talk about the Law of Three, or the threefold law of return. Whatever energy you send out into the universe will get magnified three-fold and then returned to you. It is a simple principle. But when we observe this principle in action, it proves complex.

Imagine that we have a pond which we’ll call the “universe pond.” You have some stones in your pocket. The stones represent the actions you take in life and in turn, the energy you send out into the universe arising from those actions.

You drop a stone into the pond. Ripples move out from the stone’s entry point to the pond.

As energy created from your action, the ripples spread into the universe and grow in magnitude. Eventually they hit the edge of the pond and bounce back to you in their magnified form.

So the stone you dropped in the pond, (action you took in the universe, whether it was a positive action or a negative one,) comes back to you. Just like nature, the universe has a  self-regulating system, many people call this Karma.

So carefully choose your actions.

May the ripples return to you three-fold in positive energy.

Blessed be,

Moonwater SilverClaw