The Element Fire

Element of Fire

Element of Fire (thanks to Arthur for the photograph)


Aligned with the direction South, Fire is associated with energy and heat. European originators of Wicca held the understanding that South and fire were related.  As the Europeans saw it, the farther south you go toward the equator the temperature heats up. So the South and fire were linked.

We also see Fire as a masculine element. Fire kindles our bright spirit into action. Fire drives us; it is the moving force for our will. Fire inspires. Simply, fire is energy! A transformer, Fire gives us the power to change our thoughts which change our actions and our lives! We jump in and tackle our problems.

The Fire’s elementals are Salamanders. Our ancestors saw the red coloring of salamanders’ bellies and associated them with fire. Seen as dragon like, the elemental Salamanders are shape-shifters like the flames themselves. Sometimes, Salamanders can have wings and human faces like Sylphs.

Some things that represent fire for Wiccans include: embers, the sun, hot chili peppers, and a candle’s flame. You can use any of these items in the South quarter of your circle to represent Fire.

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