Lammas 2015 . . . and the Many Faces of the Gods


Happy Lammas 2015

“I don’t get it. Why are there so many faces or versions of the God and Goddess?” my friend, Cara, asked.

“Let me put it into this context. Today is the first of three harvest festivals called Lammas. We collect our bounty at this time, reaping what we had sown in the beginning of the year. This is a wonderful time of family and friends. It’s also when we see the Gods grow older and start to wane,” I replied.

“Grow older. What’s that about? They’re Gods. They don’t need to grow old,” Cara protested.

“True. Still, the Gods are relating to us. They’re expressing the Cycles of Life. And Cycles are part of the human experience of birth, maturity and death,” I said.

The Many Faces of the Gods

Why do the Gods change and look different at different times of the year and look different to everyone in general?

All over the world, people describe “God” or the God and Goddess in many varied ways. People point to various physical traits and characteristics (See these varied descriptions of Deities).

The Gods can look like anything they want to. The Deity that I relate to has the body of a man and the horns of a stag, for example.

At this time, I relate to the Goddess in the form of the Earth Mother. I appreciate how She nurtures us and shares her bounty with us.

Each individual can connect with Goddess in any form. Who’s to say that the Goddess isn’t black, red, yellow or even blue? She could be a Heron or any other animal or the combination or several creatures.

We notice how Deities differ in appearance from culture to culture. We also have young Gods and Old Gods. These Gods help those people understand the life cycles they are in at that particular moment in time.

Young women often relate to the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. Many women in their later years find that they have more in common with the Crone.

The God and Goddess in their many forms are manifestations of the ALL. The God and Goddess are the Universe  –  The ALL is a singular entity.

The ALL, (the term I will use from now on to represent both masculine and feminine together) wants to connect with Its children—that includes us.

You probably noticed that you simply relate more to certain images, ideas and thoughts. Maybe the Maiden form of the Goddess speaks to you. Perhaps, the Horned God means a lot to you because you feel this glorious connection to nature. The All is every form of the God and Goddess at the same time.

The ALL is the sky and the Earth beneath our feet. It is the forests, the streams, the wind and the howl of the wolf. It is Maiden, Mother and Crone.

So we are never alone, because we are part of the ALL.

I believe the ALL split Itself and had children because It wants to know and learn about Itself through the lives of Its children, us. Yes, we have an afterlife and reincarnation. Those are also steps in the ALL learning about Itself.

So I invite you to enjoy learning about the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

Discover which form you most relate to now.

Since Life is made of Cycles and new chapters, you will have many opportunities to connect with new forms of the God and the Goddess throughout your journey.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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Happy Wiccan New Year!


Happy Wiccan New Year

Merry Meet and Welcome,


Happy New Year


Why do witches celebrate Samhain as the New Year? And, have you ever wondered why the witches’ New Year is on November 1st, but we start to celebrate on the night before? The Celts remain the source of these traditions.

Wiccans, as well as the Celts, see death as both an end and a beginning. It’s part of the cycle of life. At Samhain, the vegetation god willingly sacrifices himself; and with his death the old year dies, too. The New Year begins at the time of the old year’s death.

In the old days, the people saw the vegetation god in the cycle of the growing plants. The growing cycle consists of sowing seeds, letting crops grow, and finishing with the last harvest and related festival, Samhain. Since no harvesting was done after Samhain, that meant the next day (November 1st) was the new year.

Why do we start celebrating the day before the actual holiday then?  Because the Celts believed a new day started when the sun set, and not when the sun rose on the next day. So we start celebrating (to us) the night before. In the olden times they would start celebrating at sun down through to sun down the next day. Now that’s some party!


So Happy Wiccan New Year!


Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw