Wiccan Traditions

Traditions the Paths We Walk

Traditions the Paths We Walk

A word on Traditions

What is a “Tradition” in Wicca? It’s commonly called a “Trad,” and it’s a system of rituals and beliefs that a particular group follows. One Trad is Dianic which is known for its worship of a single Goddess and having a focus on feminism.

Another Trad is Gardnerian Wicca. Gardner stated that the New Forest Coven initiated him into their group in 1939. Many consider Gardnerian Wicca to be the earliest Wiccan Trad–from which many other Trads sprouted.

Trads come in many forms. Just like Christianity has many forms, the Trads in Wicca form different groups with different ways of doing things.

I find that the essence of a Trad is that it gets a person closer to Deity.

Unfortunately, much Wiccan knowledge has been fragmented sometimes due to people splitting off before they learned more and deeper knowledge.

At this point, I invite us of the Wiccan spirituality to realize that we all hold pieces of the same picture. However, none of us can see this picture by ourselves because we only hold a few of the original pieces.

We need to all gather together to make a whole picture. Coming together, we will be better able to see our own “missing pieces” and collect these missing pieces of knowledge. Then we can restore our own pieces to the larger puzzle.

If we don’t do this, much of what was learned and known will be forgotten. This piecing back together of the puzzle is something we all need to do. If we don’t, we may lose something very dear.

So let’s keep our community strong! Let’s get to know each other and respect our differences because there’s something to learn from someone different.


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