You Can’t Know It Unless You Live It

He had that look in his eyes. A dash of confusion and a pinch of cynicism. “Tell me. What is Wicca, really?” Andrew asked.

Because I knew Andrew had to leave for an appointment soon, I thought that I’d better boil this down to a few sentences.

Then I thought, What does Wicca really mean to me?

Is Wicca just about herbs, brews, crystals and poppets? Or is it something else? How can I sum Wicca up in just a few sentences, or even one sentence?

Could you do it?

Yes, Wicca involves herbs, brews, crystals and more. But that is not Wicca. Is it about the Gods, dancing and singing? It does have those, too. But what is Wicca at its core?

The clearest way I can explain Wicca is: It’s a practice. Wicca is something you do. Not something you have. You can have all the trimmings with the crystals, herbs, fancy robes and even a crystal ball. But that does not make you a Wiccan.

Wicca is something you practice everyday. Wicca is a part of you. It’s what you do not what you have.

Wicca is honoring the God and Goddess with each breath, and honoring the earth as you walk. It’s finding the peace within your mind and heart, and then sharing that with others.

To me that is what Wicca is. It is finding the light with the Gods’ guidance and reflecting this light for others to find their own way on the path.

I strive to do this everyday. Sometimes I’m right on the mark, doing and breathing Wicca. Sometimes, I’m off. Perhaps, I miss my daily meditation. This is why we look on Wicca as a practice. You continue to develop yourself throughout your life. Sure, at times, you may stumble. But Wicca is about taking each step forward.

You continue walking the Wicca path before you.

Sometimes it’s hard; sometimes it’s easy.

With the Gods’ guidance, it’s always true and fulfilling.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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