Samhain and the Mighty Dead


When a friend or family member dies, it can really hurt. What can we do? Fortunately as Wiccans, we do not have to fear death. Many Wiccans and Pagans believe in reincarnation; we’ll be reborn to live a new life in a new body.

When a Wiccan friend dies I like to honor them (and even support them) with this rite.

(I’m posting this early for those who would like to use it this Samhain.)

Special Consideration: Only do this rite if you know that your loved one was open to Wiccan beliefs and rituals.

Rite of a Departed Soul

What you will need:

  • 2 white candles (these candles will be placed on the altar)
  • One white candle for each member of your coven who is present
  • 8 candles (4 black and 4 white) – These candles will go in pairs, one white and one black at each quarter point of your circle.)
  • Black robes or just where black clothes (This is a funeral after all.)

Place one white and one black candle at each cardinal point (East, West, North, South).

Light the white candles when you Call the Quarters. (Soon you will light the black candles from these white quarter candles).

Cast your circle as usual.

Stand at the North of your altar (face North). Use your athame to draw a pentagram in the air.

Using the white “North” candle, light the North black candle. Now extinguish the white candle.

High Priestess:

Lord and Lady open the gates that separate our world and the word of the dead, we send “Name of Wiccan friend here” into your care and loving embrace.

Move to the East, draw a pentagram (like you did in the North) and use the white “East” candle to light the East black candle. Extinguish the white candle.

Guide Wiccan friend’s way; so he/she can enter your beautiful lands of the dead with peace and happiness.

Move to the South, draw a pentagram and light the South black candle. Extinguish the white candle.

Guide his/her steps so that “Wiccan Friend” is received by you safely.

Move to the West, draw a pentagram and light the West black candle. Extinguish the white quarter.

Help “Wiccan Friend” so that his/her journey is free of hardship.

High Priestess extinguishes all the candles on your altar at this point.

Have a “A Moment of Silence.” Then relight the candles on your altar.

Everyone then goes to the East cardinal point of the circle.

High Priestess says:

We set now set aside our grief, and light a path for Wiccan Friend to enter the peaceful place you hold for the ones who have gone before.

Each person is given a white candle. They then light their candle from the altar Working Candle.

Next the High Priestess relights the white candles from black ones. Each time, the High Priestess extinguishes the appropriate black candle.

Everyone holds up their candle and then repeats after the High Priestess:

Hear us Lord, Lady and mighty ones; “Wiccan friend” comes to you now.

Everyone puts out their candle and places them on the altar.

Now perform the Cakes and Wine ceremony.

Close the Circle as usual.

As you can see, the above rite supports your departed loved one, and it even brings you some solace, too.


Moonwater SilverClaw

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