Ostara 2016


I had a conversation with a non-pagan friend. Here are highlights:

What is the point of Ostara?

It’s a fertility ritual. It celebrates the fertility of the God and Goddess. It’s when a lot of the animals give birth.

How do you feel when you see the Easter Bunny?

Goddess Ostara has an associated animal, The Hare. I relate to the Hare.

What would you say to Pagans who feel uncomfortable about all of the chocolate rabbits, Easter eggs and candy—the commercialization at this time?

I’ve been thinking about Pagans and the holidays because I address some details in my new book, Goddess Reveals Your Enchanted Light: Each Pagan needs to chose what he or she honors at this time.


I think of this as similar to when I tune out the sound of the TV in my living room when I’m doing an art project. A family member watches a TV show, but I’m not paying attention. If we Wiccans fill our hearts with what means a lot to us—we can let other people have their “noisy TV going on.”

For me, Ostara is a refreshing time. Everything is growing. In fact, since California has recently received some rain, I’m hoping to see some flowers bloom on my next hike.

Blessed Be,

P.S. I hope all of you have a blessed Ostara. Here is a fun video I found on YouTube that I think is a fun idea. However I would use natural dyes. I hope you enjoy it.

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