How Do You Put Together a Ritual?



“I want my ritual to be special,” Melinda said.

“It all begins with focusing on the right questions and then coming up with your own answers,” I replied.

As you put a ritual together, begin with these following questions:

  • What is the ritual for?
  • What do you need (items) for the ritual?
  • How many people are going to be there?
  • Does anyone have food allergies? (Cakes and Wine Ceremony)
  • Is it going to be indoors or outdoors?
  • When is it to be held? (phases of the moon or time of day needed)
  • Will people need to bring anything?

Your ritual may be a celebratory rite. Or it may be for some other purpose. Knowing this, you can then ask the next question: “What mood and flavor are you trying to inspire?”

Is your ritual going to be a solemn funeral? Or a joyful handfasting (Wiccan wedding)?

Think about what items you will need. Acquire all items in advance.

Make sure you ask about the participants’ food allergies. You don’t want to have to call the paramedics in the middle of your ritual.

If you consider holding your ritual outdoors, check on the weather forecast. Still, plan for what to do if it does rain unexpectedly.

Timing for your ritual effects the outcome. Check your calendar for the best time for the work you will be doing.

Will your participants need to bring an offering or something else to your ritual? Give them time to prepare in advance.

Think of your ritual as being similar to pulling together a recipe. You bring together the ingredients. When you put together the recipe well and you follow it, you’ll create a joyful experience for your ritual attendees.

Blessed Be,

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