Discover Your Wiccan Destiny


“I don’t understand. Some spiritual paths say that we choose what we’re going to learn in this current incarnation. I didn’t ask to get attacked as a child,” my friend Erica said.

“I hear you. I know that has caused you a lot of pain over the years,” I said.

“I still want to know,” she continued.

“I’ve come to know, for myself, that I chose the lessons for my life. But then the Universe took over to fulfill my order,” I said.

“So, when I was between lifetimes, I decided what I wanted to learn? Did I want to learn how to endure? To become stronger? To have empathy for people who’ve gone through child abuse?” Erica asked.

“It could be. Only you would come to know the meaning of your own journey,” I replied.

We, Wiccans, have an advantage. We know that the Gods and the Goddesses want what is best for us. They do not “protect” us from the lessons we must learn.

A friend of mine said it this way: “We choose the lessons, but the Universe chooses the how.”

I’ve come to realize that one’s Wiccan Destiny is a combination of our choosing lessons and the Universe offering up the stairs that we walk.

You might find this chant helpful:

Help me endure as I learn what I must
In you I trust.

Blessed Be,

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