How Witches Get Unstuck and Grow

Have you felt stuck recently? If so, I am with you.

I’ve noticed that when I’ve managed to get unstuck it was a process of letting go.

Letting go of what?

Sometimes, it is letting go of who I was in an earlier season of life.

For example, when I was in college, a couple of professors talked down to me. One would not even believe that I was formally diagnosed with dyslexia.

Eventually, I had to shed the identity of “not a writer.”

Now, I’m a writer who has the help of editors.

I’m grateful to my editors.

How about you? Do you have old wounds that you would like to heal?

Would you like to step into a new season of your life?

Here is a prayer to support your process.

Prayer for Who You Are Becoming

Help me let go of what I was
And reveal to me who I am becoming.
Let the joy of this new season wash over me
Like the rains of Spring
May my Spirt grow and blossom
I am grateful.

May this process bless your life.



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