Wiccans and “Goddess Style” for Health and Happiness

“I’m tired of people saying that being fat is about putting a barrier up to protect yourself,” my friend, Rhonda, said.

“Do you think that it’s not true?” I asked.
“No. I’m just tired of it,” she said, with a weak little smile.

When I was a child, I was beaten by my brother. In my teens, my first sexual experience was terrifying. The guy forced me. Then, later, my boyfriend (later husband) forced himself on me, too.

Are you getting the pattern?

(By the way, I divorced that guy.)

We, who have had such experiences, don’t feel safe and so we eat—not just for comfort. Some of us eat and get fat so we can just avoid the whole situation of being sexually attractive. If you’ve been violated, doesn’t it make sense to take yourself out of a threatening situation. At a certain point with weight gain, predatory male individuals do not pay attention to you. It’s almost like disappearing.

Sometimes, we even feel like we don’t deserve to be happy. Think of how much shaming the mainstream media (including entertainment TV shows) does toward plus-size people.

Much of my weight problems stemmed from such low feelings (even though I would have said, “No. I don’t have those issues. I just want to eat what I want to eat.”)

With my experiences as a child and teen, I felt scared, vulnerable, unloved, and unworthy. Eating was the comfort I found. And I ate, and I ate, bringing me up to an unhealthy 278 lbs.

So, I suggest that for some of us eating is a psychological issue. It’s not just about willpower. In fact, relying on willpower is NOT a good plan.

Finally, I’ve worked with a doctor who brought an important detail to my attention: “Drop the carbs and the processed sugar,” he said.

I am glad to say that I’ve trimmed down 31 lbs. from the 278 lbs. I once was.

Weight Loss as a Spiritual Journey

I realize that my losing the weight also has a spiritual component. Just recently, I noticed that I had two “cheat days” in a row. My sweetheart asked me, “So two cheat days? Are you upside down?”

The answer was yes. I had been enduring lots of stresss, and I felt disconnected from my spiritual essence. That’s the part of me that IS really safe no matter what tough moments arise in my regular life.

When You’re in Trouble About Your Eating Habits …

To get to a form of inner peace, I lit a candle and said, “God and Goddess, please give me the strength to continue on my path of Healthy Eating.”

Taking in the Goddess – The “Goddess Style” of Healthy Eating

I call my new way of healthy eating “Goddess Style.” It’s about only eating what comes from the ground or a womb. No processed foods. No carbs and no sugar. Since most carbs are processed in some way, we avoid pasta, bread, and tortillas. We even avoid beans and rice (they’re still carbs).

You see, I eat only fresh veggies and unprocessed meats like whole breast chicken and so forth. I do eat cheese. (Yum!)

When you eat from the ground and the womb you are honoring the Gods. You are taking in the sustenance straight from Mother Earth. She provides real nourishment for our bodies and souls.

Some People Like “Advanced Goddess Style”

My friend, Nadine, is a vegan. Why? She says, “Eating abused animals brings on bad karmic energy.” Sometimes, I think of the vegan-choice as “Advanced Goddess Style.”

I also realize that plants can be tainted by pesticides. Try to eat local and organic if you can. Or even better, if you have the space, grow some food in your own garden. In this way, you will know for sure where your food has come from. An interesting article about growing fruits and vegetables indoors can be found HERE

In summary, when we take in “purely natural foods,” both our body and soul receive great nourishment. You might say that such natural foods also enhance our soul with good karma. The God and Goddess are in everything around us: The food we eat, and the world around us. When we take in natural foods, it is taking the essences of the Gods into ourselves. Undiluted, unfiltered, natural and healthy.

It pleases the Gods when we honor them with a natural lifestyle, what I call the Goddess Style of living. Our bodies work better, and we feel better.

If you choose to go Goddess Style, you will be healthier and happier.

Blessed Be,


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Face Danger and Harm None

Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The insect stung me and soon my whole arm was swollen. That was several years ago.

Today, I stood facing wasps on my balcony, a can of insecticide in my hand.

For three years, I have dreaded this day. And for three years, I’ve practiced the Wiccan “an it harm none.”

But today, the nest is so big and the wasps are so active.

Worse yet, they’re now getting into the house! Somehow, they are defying our screens and working their way into the house. I must take action.

If I get stung, I feel that my family will need to rush me to a hospital.

The Wiccan Rede advises me to “harm none” but these insects are invaders and they can severely harm me and my family members.

What can I do?

How do we, Wiccans, keep to the Wiccan Rede and still live our lives?

Let’s look at the word “rede.” Its origin is Middle English, and the definition is: “to give counsel to, or to advise.” Notice it isn’t defined as a rule, meaning something that must be followed.

And here is an important point: If I do nothing then harm will come to me and a family member. That is NOT “harm none.”

So now, it’s impossible to follow the “harm none” phrase like a rule.

To simply live, your body is defending you from germs and viruses. That means, your body is killing germs and viruses each day. To survive, you need to eat. Even if you are a vegan, you still kill plants in order to live.

Let’s go back to the definition of rede and the section that says, “to advise.” The idea of “advice” means that a person can take the advice and current circumstances all into account.

So how do I deal with the wasps?

I knock down their nests. I faced the risk of being near them as I was de-homing them. But they kept coming back. So I asked in the form of a prayer, “Wasps, please leave.”

The wasps did not comply with my plea. Over and over they came back and built new nests.

We are still in negotiations at this time.

But you can see: Staying true to my Wiccan path does not mean I never act to protect myself. But I strive to follow the Rede as much as I can.

What would you do?

May you find your answers on your path.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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Is it Time to Let Go or Time to Hold Fast?




Is it Time to Let Go or Time to Hold Fast?


Cleo, my cat, looked up at me. At 14 years old, Cleo needed me to give her intravenous fluids to sustain her. One night while I was administering her daily fluids she simply looked into my eyes and told me, I’ve had enough, I’m done.

I just knew. Other times, I’ve wrestled with the decision of when it was time to let go of my beloved pet.

Now, I’ve had cats my whole life. In high school, I was introduced to domesticated, pet rats. These little furry friends have terribly short life spans. I’d have four at the same time, and this meant crying every year as one of them would become ill due to old age. I had many times to practice letting go.

I have spent thousands of dollars for medical care for my fuzzy babies. But how does one know when to let go?

If a pet or familiar is close to crossing the veil, when is it truly time to let go?
First listen to your little friend. Here are some signs to help you consider when to let go.

• Is your furry companion still interested in life?
• Does your companion still enjoy eating?
• Does he/she still play in spite of the illness or disease?
• Is the little one in tremendous pain that prevents him/her from being happy?

Now I’m not talking about temporary illness. This is about the end of a life—a terminal illness.

Recently, on Facebook, people discussed the condition of Blacky, The Wheelchair Cat.
A native of New Zealand, he has one eye, and after being struck by a car, he’s left with spinal nerve damage and paralysis in his rear legs and bladder.

A number of people suggested that Blacky be “put down.”

But wait a moment! Blacky can now feel his legs if one tickles them. Sometimes he moves or stands on them. Last year, he had a perianal urethrostomy surgery because of  his bladder problems.

Still, Blacky enjoys life. He enjoys going outside and playing. Other than his mobility issue, Blacky’s now healthy.

In summary, I invite you to look at my list and let it help you make a good decision about whether it may be time to let a pet go.

Sure, sometimes our pets have physical troubles. But you’ve probably noticed the we, humans, can have physical troubles, too. Still, we find ways to have joy and meaning.

Let’s make sure to support our furry friends in their times of need.



Moonwater SilverClaw

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Time for a Wiccan’s Familiar?


Time for a Wiccan’s Familiar?

About three years ago, a particular witch held a ritual in the woods each weekend. To her delight, a certain deer joined her each time. When I heard about this, I realized one can have a wild animal as a familiar–an animal, usually a pet, that helps the witch.

At one point, I was in a Wiccan learning group gathered in the woods and an owl joined us. Animals sense energy which makes them good working partners.

Animals are so proficient at using energy that they can literally move in and out of a closed circle and not harm or break that circle. So when your familiar moves across the boundary of your cast circle don’t worry, they won’t hurt it.

Small children can also cross your circle’s boundary without disturbing it. It’s only when we get older that we become unable to do that. The reason? Society teaches us to limit ourselves and so we unconsciously do so.

On the other hand, familiars do not have that burden. They can move and work energy in ways that many of us cannot. This is why witches and other magick users like to have a familiar.

However, don’t just run to an animal shelter and pick any animal and assume that the little one will be your familiar. An animal must choose to do so. If your little friend does not make that choice of being a familiar, you can just enjoy the company of your pet in ordinary life.

So how can I tell if my pet or an animal wants to be my familiar? Observe: Does the animal want to hang around you as you do a ritual? When you ground and center does your cat (for example) come and sit, to support you.

If you observe a particular animal in the wild repeatedly show up during your rituals, pause. Ask yourself, “Does this one want to be my familiar or is this just a random visit?” (Note: This does not mean that you go over and pet the animal. They do not want that.)

Sometimes, you may discover that this particular animal is quietly acting as a familiar for you.

Note: Never try to force an animal to work with you. If you have a pet, but the little one just strolls away when you’re doing a ritual, let it go. Just love your pet for the other joyful moments you share. You do not need a familiar.

If you, at some time, find an animal that wants to work with you, it can be quite rewarding. Not only will your spells and other workings be more powerful, but you will also have a great friend by your side.

What a joyful experience.



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