Wiccans and “Goddess Style” for Health and Happiness

“I’m tired of people saying that being fat is about putting a barrier up to protect yourself,” my friend, Rhonda, said.

“Do you think that it’s not true?” I asked.
“No. I’m just tired of it,” she said, with a weak little smile.

When I was a child, I was beaten by my brother. In my teens, my first sexual experience was terrifying. The guy forced me. Then, later, my boyfriend (later husband) forced himself on me, too.

Are you getting the pattern?

(By the way, I divorced that guy.)

We, who have had such experiences, don’t feel safe and so we eat—not just for comfort. Some of us eat and get fat so we can just avoid the whole situation of being sexually attractive. If you’ve been violated, doesn’t it make sense to take yourself out of a threatening situation. At a certain point with weight gain, predatory male individuals do not pay attention to you. It’s almost like disappearing.

Sometimes, we even feel like we don’t deserve to be happy. Think of how much shaming the mainstream media (including entertainment TV shows) does toward plus-size people.

Much of my weight problems stemmed from such low feelings (even though I would have said, “No. I don’t have those issues. I just want to eat what I want to eat.”)

With my experiences as a child and teen, I felt scared, vulnerable, unloved, and unworthy. Eating was the comfort I found. And I ate, and I ate, bringing me up to an unhealthy 278 lbs.

So, I suggest that for some of us eating is a psychological issue. It’s not just about willpower. In fact, relying on willpower is NOT a good plan.

Finally, I’ve worked with a doctor who brought an important detail to my attention: “Drop the carbs and the processed sugar,” he said.

I am glad to say that I’ve trimmed down 31 lbs. from the 278 lbs. I once was.

Weight Loss as a Spiritual Journey

I realize that my losing the weight also has a spiritual component. Just recently, I noticed that I had two “cheat days” in a row. My sweetheart asked me, “So two cheat days? Are you upside down?”

The answer was yes. I had been enduring lots of stresss, and I felt disconnected from my spiritual essence. That’s the part of me that IS really safe no matter what tough moments arise in my regular life.

When You’re in Trouble About Your Eating Habits …

To get to a form of inner peace, I lit a candle and said, “God and Goddess, please give me the strength to continue on my path of Healthy Eating.”

Taking in the Goddess – The “Goddess Style” of Healthy Eating

I call my new way of healthy eating “Goddess Style.” It’s about only eating what comes from the ground or a womb. No processed foods. No carbs and no sugar. Since most carbs are processed in some way, we avoid pasta, bread, and tortillas. We even avoid beans and rice (they’re still carbs).

You see, I eat only fresh veggies and unprocessed meats like whole breast chicken and so forth. I do eat cheese. (Yum!)

When you eat from the ground and the womb you are honoring the Gods. You are taking in the sustenance straight from Mother Earth. She provides real nourishment for our bodies and souls.

Some People Like “Advanced Goddess Style”

My friend, Nadine, is a vegan. Why? She says, “Eating abused animals brings on bad karmic energy.” Sometimes, I think of the vegan-choice as “Advanced Goddess Style.”

I also realize that plants can be tainted by pesticides. Try to eat local and organic if you can. Or even better, if you have the space, grow some food in your own garden. In this way, you will know for sure where your food has come from. An interesting article about growing fruits and vegetables indoors can be found HERE

In summary, when we take in “purely natural foods,” both our body and soul receive great nourishment. You might say that such natural foods also enhance our soul with good karma. The God and Goddess are in everything around us: The food we eat, and the world around us. When we take in natural foods, it is taking the essences of the Gods into ourselves. Undiluted, unfiltered, natural and healthy.

It pleases the Gods when we honor them with a natural lifestyle, what I call the Goddess Style of living. Our bodies work better, and we feel better.

If you choose to go Goddess Style, you will be healthier and happier.

Blessed Be,


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I don’t generally write reviews on books I’ve read…but this time i feel lead to. This book spoke volumes to me, as if the author knew exactly where I’m coming from and what I’m struggling with. It’s not often a book can make me cry, but this one did by making me see the many blocks I’ve put up in my life. I knew they were there, but I’ve gotten skilled at pretending they’re not. Thank you for helping me see I’m not some freak because of circumstances throughout my life that have caused the blocks, and that i need to stop hiding from or burying them and face them one step at a time. – Crystal Sparks


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Through simple guided meditations and tips on living a happy healthy life this book takes you on a journey that will teach you how to love yourself, better your self image, and rid yourself of the negative energies that prevent you from reaching your goals.

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MoonWater SilverClaw is truly an inspirational writer for a newer generation of Wiccans and those seeking to use the natural energies of the earth to make changes in their life. Her writing style speaks from the heart because she has been where the reader is, she has used these techniques and steps to better her own life and now she is helping the reader use the Law of Attraction to better theirs – Amazon Customer


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The Hidden Children of the Goddess Book

The Hidden Children of the Goddess Embrace Wicca, Become Strong, Be at Peace with Yourself and the World Around You

Ms. SilverClaw has written a book that is really great for the beginner wanting to learn about Wiccan or wants to start practicing the art of Wicca. I found this book wonderful, easy to read, and extremely helpful and informative. It covers everything from what Wicca is, the history of Wicca and how Wicca became misassociated with evil, along with how Wicca can help/save people’s lives. Ms. SilverClaw also discusses practicing Wicca either in a Coven or Solo, and all the things you need in order to have in order to perform your ceremony, and she explains what each item means. She explains how to create spells and gives examples to use, and explains the pitfalls of creating certain types of spells. Ms. SilverClaw has truly created a book that is a cast all net the seems to cover everything that I needed to know to begin practicing Wicca. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for their first book on the topic and wants to start practicing the art of Wicca or is just curious about the topic. This is truly a Must Have book. – Tamra L. Shipman



Goddess Walks Beside You: How You Can Listen, Learn and Enjoy the Wiccan Path

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