The Witches Pyramid – Earth


“My life’s just too busy. I’m juggling everything. Trying to keep my husband happy and our two children. Work is getting worse, too,” Nadine told me.

“It sounds like you need a little ‘silence’ in your life,” I suggested.

“Don’t I wish!” Nadine confirmed.

In today’s post, I’m talking about the element Earth, represented as North of the Witches Pyramid.

In the previous post, we explored West and Water. Water was about to dare.

There is a different type of strength that we can find helpful: the strength known as to Remain Silent, as manifested as Earth.

Many of us find our thoughts racing all day long. It would really help if we could calm  down our minds. As Wiccans, we find that quieting our minds helps us focus our thoughts and our magick. When you bring your mind to quiet, you can focus and manifest your desire into reality.

Furthermore, when we talk about to Remain Silent, we actually refer to literally being silent. For example, we stay silent about what happens when we conduct ritual. Everything done and said in Circle is sacred. This means that we Wiccans keep the details locked in our hearts and away from the mundane world.

Sure you might be tempted to share details of life-transforming occurrences in Circle. Instead, be sure that you keep silent! Keep the details as a precious, sweet experience all your own.

So how do you bring the element Earth and to remain silent into your life?

A Meditation to Celebrate Sacred Silence in Your Life

Find a quiet place where you will be alone and relaxed for five or ten minutes. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Picture a pyramid in your mind. Gently explore your answers to these questions:

What is this pyramid made out of?
What color is it?
What is the texture of your pyramid?

Imagine viewing the pyramid from various angles. Focus. Concentrate until you can even see the pyramid with your eyes open.

This pyramid process helps you focus your mind and clear it of extraneous thoughts.

Repeat this practice whenever you feel overwhelmed. Practice focusing, calming down and experiencing Sacred Silence.

More feelings of calm and peace are just a brief pyramid-meditation session away.


Moonwater SilverClaw


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The Direction North

Compass North

Compass North

The Directions

The four directions each have their own equivalent in these categories: element, time of day, season, and time in life. When you cast your circle, you call out the directions. You move in a clockwise direction (or deocil, pronounced JE-shil). When you cast your circle you do not merely call out North (for example), you are calling upon all of the facets that North represents.   Let’s look at North:


North’s element is Earth. Wiccans associate Earth with stillness, strength, and stability. Earth forms the foundation of our lives both physically and metaphorically. We literally stand on it. Soil, rocks, and crystals represent Earth. You can place one or several items in your circle in the north quarter standing in for Earth. When we talk about the twenty-four hour day, North rests at midnight when everything is still. At this time most beings sleep tucked away in slumber for the night. We peacefully sleep, waiting for the next day’s beauty. In the cycle of the year, North’s stillness continues as Winter. Beneath blankets of snow, many creatures hibernate. The earth sleeps until next Spring. In the life cycle, North manifests as the time of death for us and animals. We spoke of Winter, and many animals die during the frost-bound months. This corresponds to the time the spirit is in the Summerlands, where the soul can rest until its rebirth into a new life.


Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw