The Tools of Wicca: The Cup or Chalice

Merry Meet and welcome. Last time we talked about the athame. Today we will talk about the chalice or cup.

The Cup

The Cup

The cup is an important tool, and it can be made of just about anything. Glass, metal, or even wood. Since plastic usually does not hold a magickal charge, we tend to avoid using that material. (I spell magick with a “k” at the end to distinguish it from stage magic which is just slight of hand.

Usually we pour wine into the cup, but, you can substitute juice if you do not drink alcohol. Some people are allergic to alcohol or simply choose not to drink it and that is fine.

After we’ve poured wine in the cup, we use a ceremony to bless it. After that, we pour a portion of wine into a small bowl as a libation to the Gods. We then exclaim, “To the Gods.” After that, we drink the wine from the cup.

If your ceremony includes more than one person, (if you’re not practicing as a solitary), the cup is passed from one person to another while saying: “May you never thirst.” The person, who receives the cup, replies, “Blessed be.”

In my next post, I will discus the water bowl. Hope you have a great day!

Blessed Be,

Moonwater Silverclaw

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