The Herb Catnip

The Herb Catnip


Wiccans use herbs for all sorts of things from medicine to protection. Humans have used herbal remedies made from plants for thousands of years. Herbs comprise the oldest medicines humans have had. Many Wiccans use herbs to heal and keep themselves healthy. Being witches we want to use nature as our healer when we get sick.

Before considering the use of herbs, heed these important considerations:

1) If you have a serious condition and/or illness, modern medicine should be used in conjunction with the old ways. For example, you shouldn’t skip a trip to a medical doctor because you have heard that St. John’s Wort would help with depression. Always consult with your medical doctor about herbs you’re considering because some herbs may conflict with medications your doctor has prescribed or over the counter medications–or even other herbs.

2) Avoid taking an herb that you are unfamiliar with. Some herbs can be quite dangerous if used incorrectly. Certain herbs are poisonous like Belladonna. So always talk with your herbal friendly medical doctor before taking them.

3) Some herbs you may buy at a new age store may only be graded for magickal use. This means do NOT take such herbs internally. Be certain that the herbs you buy are food grade safe. Just because feverfew tea helps reduce a fever does NOT mean that you shouldn’t use aspirin or some other modern medicine if the fever is really bad and doesn’t go down. Be smart and use your head. If your affliction is serious consult a medical doctor.

Having covered the above concerns, we will focus mainly on the magical uses of herbs.

The Sachet

First, we’re going to discuss a container for herbs known as a sachet. Take a small piece of cloth in a color that corresponds with the type of magick you will be doing. See this color chart below:

  • Red: sex, desire, vitality, strength, healing blood disorders
  • Orange: charm, confidence, joy, jealousy, persuasion.
  • Yellow: intellectual development, joy, intellectual strength.
  • Green: prosperity, abundance, fertility, money matters.
  • Blue: healing, protection, spiritual development.
  • Purple: The occult, power, magick
  • Pink: love, friendship, compassion
  • Black: decrease, death, revenge, retribution, contacting the dead. (I strongly suggest that you take great care if you have any thoughts about revenge or retribution. The focus points of revenge or retribution hurt the practitioner! Remember the Law of Three! I strongly recommend avoiding the use of black cloth except for the Samhain practice of contacting the dead.)

Place the piece of cloth down onto the table or working surface. Place selected herbs (about a tablespoon when all combined) in the middle of your cloth. You can use a smaller amount for a smaller more portable sachet if you like. This can be placed in your purse or pocket to be carried with you. Gather up your corners of the cloth and then tie them with some string. Make the sachet closed and secure. Now you can do a ritual to dedicate the sachet to its purpose.

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw

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