Feeling Broken? The Gods Have Your Back.


Feeling Broken? The Gods Have Your Back.

Have you ever felt broken? Do you question why you are the way you are because you don’t look “normal,” or you can’t do the same activities as the “normal people” do?

I’m here to tell you that you were made the way you’re supposed to be. Even with the so-called “flaws.”

We all feel we have flaws. Yes, they can feel so painful to live with. We suffer–emotionally or physically—sometimes we suffer both ways. It’s hard to endure.

I have dyslexia and depression. Why, I wondered, did the Gods make me broken?

But I didn’t realize that the Gods did NOT make a mistake. I have what people call disabilities. However, I’ve learned something startling. They’re not disabilities. I call them enhancements.

How the hell could dyslexia plus depression be enhancements? I had to dig deep and realize that these enhancements create the opportunity to grow exponentially. These enhancements help us grow in ways that others can’t because they have not had to face the struggle, the pain and . . . the rise from the ashes.

Dyslexia had been my curse. But, unlike others, I had to fight and press on through headaches to read the books I’ve read. This has made me stronger. I’ve got tenacity that a number of my friends do not have.

Depression had me cutting myself years ago. Depression had me doubt that I had any worth at all. It took therapy, the Gods’ guidance, and the love my sweetheart to encourage me and show me I wasn’t dirt. Depression was wrong! I have learned I am NOT a depressed person. I am a Spirit anointed by the Gods, a Spirit who deals with depression symptoms. That’s a BIG difference!

Now, my friend, I want to ask you two heartfelt questions. Where do you feel broken? And how could your flaws or disabilities be a road so that you can rise up more blessed, stronger and a deeper person than ever before?

You might want to meditate on your enhancement(s) and see how they have positively affected your life and what they have taught you.

In the comments area, please share with me your experience with your enhancement and about what you have learned from it.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Broken? The Gods Have Your Back.

  1. Very heartfelt and true words. Sometimes it takes people a very long time in their life to see their true potential and the gifts given to them by the gods through their “disabilities” and sometimes people will never see them, but for those willing to just look and to focus on the positives they can achieve anything they want.


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