Feeling Stressed Out? Call on the Gods

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Waiting for Guidance?


Feeling Stressed Out? Call on the Gods


Have you recently had to make some choices that brought you stress?

Stress can tell us a lot. We can see what is important to us. In this way, stress can actually guide us to the secrets of our hearts. How? We wouldn’t be feeling stressed out about something if we didn’t think it is important and it’s being threatened.

Once we know what we value, we can better set our course through life.

You see, what we need is clarity.

This is where the Gods can help.

If you’re under pressure and feeling the burden of stress, you can ask the Gods for clarity.

Why is clarity so important? When you can see things clearly, you can make a plan and take appropriate action. Those two things will reduce your stress.

One of the best ways to do that is through meditation. Here is a simple meditation to ask the Gods for their guidance.

For all meditations, follow these simple guidelines.

  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed for the entire meditation.
  • Turn off the ringer of your cell phone.
  • Take a sitting position where your spine is straight and your feet are flat on the floor.
  • Dim the lights.

Asking the Gods for Guidance – The Meditation

Start by breathing in and out deeply.

With each breath in, pull in relaxation.

With each breath out, release the stresses of the day.

Visualize breathing in the light of the Gods, soothing you.

And picture that with each breath out, you’re expelling a black cloud of stress.

Keep breathing–in and out, in and out.

And as you keep breathing in and out deeply,

Notice now that the light begins to fade around you.

Slowly at first, it gets darker and darker — until you are in total darkness, and you’re feeling safe and secure in the darkness.

Then . . . a new light blooms around you, slowly at first, but gradually it gets brighter and brighter.

You see that you are in the middle of a circle of standing stones. This great henge protects you from all bad entities.

In the middle of this henge rests a large stone altar. You walk to it and sit in front of the altar.

Now you ask the Gods for their guidance.

As you sit, you notice two loving energies beside you.

One is the Goddess and the other one is the God.

You ask them for their help and they lovingly answer your request.

(Pause for a time to hear their guidance.)

Having gifted you with their guidance, they bid you farewell.

Now it’s time to return from where you came.

Notice the light starts to dim until you are in total darkness, where you feel safe and secure.

Then . . . a familiar light returns, slowly at first, but gradually it gets brighter and brighter.

Open your eyes; you are back in the room and safe.

Note: After completing your meditation, light a candle to the Gods to thank them for their guidance.

With the Gods help, you make great decisions, creating your life of happiness.

The Gods are always there to help you. All you need is to ask for their help. You can go to them for help about anything you need.

Knowing this now, what guidance would you seek from the Gods?

Blessed Be,


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