How to Deal With Uncertainty


How to Deal With Uncertainty

My heart beats rapidly. Grand Dad died of heart disease, followed a short time later by my grandmother.

Because heart disease runs in my family, I have been stuck with this heart monitor for the recent 48 hours. This morning I turned it in at my doctor’s office.

Now I wait.

Eventually, I’ll receive a report about how my heart is doing. The uncertainty is killing me. How does one deal with the stress of not knowing?

The answer: Place your fears and doubts into the hands of the Gods. When you do this, you protect your precious energy instead of letting worry drain your energy.

Realize the Gods have your back. They know what they’re doing.

At first we may not see a benefit in a situation. However, I’ve come to realize that if I have a heart problem, then maybe I was meant to learn something and pass it on to others.

If, at some time, I must be fitted for a pacemaker or something else, it’s not the end of the world. I will gain a new perspective. It may be a tough road, but it can be a good one.

Are you facing something traumatic and tough at this moment? Consider meditation as a source for inner peace. Meditation is a good way to ask the Gods for strength. If you’re stressed out and you find that sitting still is a problem, burn a candle for strength. Offer the candle to the Gods.

Talk to your spirit guides. They can give more information. Some Wiccans sense an answer—almost like a quiet voice. Others have a more visceral experience; they actually see and converse with their spirit guides.

In any case, know that your spirit guides are always with you, just like the Gods.

Know that as time passes, you will sense the answer. Sometimes, the answer is wait, be patient and stay aware. Other times, you’ll have the intuition to take a certain action.

Sometimes, when I lay on my side, I can really feel my heart beating. It feels like it skips or jumps a beat. Sometimes, I have the thought: What if I do die? What then?

I’ll miss my family but I will get to have the bliss of going home to the Gods.

The good news is that my spirit guide informs me that I still have more time to enjoy and learn on this good earth.

You are not alone. The Gods ARE with you.

I wish you a good journey.


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