House Gods


House Gods

When my friend Janet introduced me to her House Goddess, “Phyllis,” I was immediately intrigued. How would it feel to have a spiritual being watching over your home and protecting you and your loved ones?

Many cultures focus on House Gods who protect the home in some form. There’s Cofgodas in Anglo-Saxon Paganism and Gasin in Korea. Lares, from ancient Rome, protects the home.

Some House Gods just take care of certain rooms. Others oversee certain activities done in a particular room.

My House God’s name is Timmy. That’s unusual in that House Gods tend to be female. Timmy protects my home and my loved ones who reside there. Like a divine watch dog, he keeps mischief at bay. He keeps us safe from negative entities who may wander by.

Many readers may want to invite a House God into their home.

Good news! They’re most likely already there.

So how do you entice your House God to take his or her job more seriously?

Make them offerings, of course.

Here is how I began my relationship with Timmy.

I got a statue that I liked. (House Gods tend to take residence in an object.) I found mine at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Fair but you can find your object anywhere.

My statue is also a candle holder, which is a plus for offering candles. And it has the added coolness that the cat eyes glow when you place the candle in the statue.

I placed the statue in a prominent place in my home and then asked that the House God come forward. I invited Timmy to protect my home and all my loved ones who reside in it. And in turn I would honor him by offering him this statue, and I would give him candles with my thanks.

I lit the candle and asked him if this was acceptable. I said, “If you agree, please blink to confirm your answer is ‘yes.’” He “blinked” by flickering the fire. That’s how our conversation began.

When you start a relationship with your House God, he or she will diligently continue with the protection job. Just make sure to give him or her offerings to say thank you.

Do you already have a House God? Tell me about your experiences in the comments section below.


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